The Plausible Diversity of Apples

Foz Meadows is one of my favorite writers and here she lays the smackdown on opponents of diversity and inclusion in the scifi/fantasy genre. She, along with a whole host of others, are tackling every single argument against it, head-on, and taking them down, one by one.

The bottom line is if you are opposed to representation of marginalized people as the main protagonists in the genre, you need to examine yourself, not the media.

shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows

Come in. Sit down. Pull up a chair. We’re going to play a game.

Here’s how it works: I give you a simple character description, and you tell me which particular character I’m talking about, as well as the one specific TV show they’re from. Your only hint: these are all protagonists or ensemble main characters. Ready? Let’s go:

  • straight white male detective, an abrasive maverick with a tragic past
  • straight white male doctor, an arrogant maverick
  • straight white male conman using his powers for good
  • straight white writer, solves crimes and writes novels about it
  • straight white political aide, snarky but beloved
  • straight white female detective, brilliant with a tragic past
  • straight white lawyer who secretly fights crime
  • straight white maverick lawyer, sketchy past
  • straight white male supernatural creature, tragic past
  • straight white male antihero, drives a signature vehicle

Congratulations! We’ve reached the end of round one. Now that you’ve got…

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