On a Lighter Note

*Okay, on a lighter note, I wanna give some shout-outs to women I actually like (to atone for that Tomi Laren post) and some funny stuff, for the weekend.

Some good news:  Jennanigans from Florida is feeling fine. She says this particular hurricane wasn’t a huge deal and outside of some cosmetic damage, and a few power outages, everybody is okay.

I’m gonna be off work for a few days, so posting will be lite, but next week, I’ll start the serious job of reviewing new TV shows, continue my regular Hannibal posts, and some meta, I’m working on. Naturally, once I get busy this month,  these Tumblr posts are going to dry up a bit, so I want to end on a happy note. (I should make Tumblr Discussions a regular Summer thing, yeah. )

*The continuing adventures of this Target Sales Associate still tickle me. These posts are so cute! I still think this is a much better gig than Family Dollar, or what I like to call, The Local Stop N’ Rob.

One of my sisters works at such a store, and they are always getting robbed, and the robbers are fairly desperate, because they sell such shitty merchandise, who would want to steal any of it? I went to visit her at work the other day and they had a shipment of Crystal Pepsi! Who the Hell is gonna steal Crystal Pepsi? I thought that shit was extinct!

Day Four:

-The store is having a 10% off your entire purchase sale. I have a coupon to scan if anyone asks for it. I scan it if people don’t ask for it if they’re nice to me. I don’t scan it if they’re rude. Power is a new sensation. Power is a good sensation.

– Because of the sale, we have been flooded with guests itching for a bargain. When I need to go on my break, the manager has to stand in front of the line and tell people to go somewhere else. As the line died down, I prepared to leave. A new wave of people approached. She whispered to me “run as soon as you can.” I did not see her after my break.

-An old man comes through the line and loudly announces that “this is a cash thing. No cards!” His clarity is appreciated, but also questioned.

-A young man follows him. He jokes, “this is a card thing. No cash!” His smile shows he was a kind man. His joke shows he was a dad.

-A confused teenager follows after.  He whispers, “……….cash”. He thinks he has to announce his payment type. I do not correct him.

-Children continue to handle their own transactions. This makes my day good. One girl had her own wallet and told me “thank you for your help, sir”. This makes my day great.

– Five hours into my shift, I discover small figurines of Bambi and Pluto behind my register screen. Knowing that I am experiencing the happiest place on earth for a bargain price is nice.

-A customer purchased hard salami. The store sells a product called hard salami. How anyone can work or shop here with a straight face remains beyond me.

-A small girl waits in the cart as her mother pays for her transaction. She decides she had enough. She shouts, “Let me out of here!” She attempts to leave the cart. She realizes the walls are too tall. She sits down and accepts her fate with a shocking level of grace.

-A grown man sees a coloring book on a shelf. He calls after his wife, who has already walked away. “There’s a coloring book here. This is just pitiful.” No one has any response for this.

-I met a man who looked like Harry Potter if, instead of getting out of the cupboard at age eleven, he stayed in there for fifteen more years with nothing but Red Bull and My Chemical Romance albums.

-A woman gets 69 cents back in change. I know that I will likely get reprimanded if I make a 69 joke to a customer. I do not speak to the customer any further. I am trying to decide if it is worth losing my job or not.

-A little girl in basketball shorts kicks the candy rack multiple times. I expect her to turn around and show that she is throwing a fit. Instead, she seems calm and please. She is having the time of her life. I look forward to seeing where life takes her.

-A child in my lane gets a toy. A child in the next lane yells at him for having a toy when he does not. Toy-having child prepares to throw the toy at toy-lacking child. Parents pick up their respective children. Thus ends the Baby Feud of 2016.

Day Five:

-I open my register. An octogenarian woman approaches. She purchases bras and lingerie. I cry on the inside. It is too early for these images.

-A small girl helped me put her parents bags into their cart. Every time I hand her a bag, she digs through it, announcing which things are hers and which are her parents, and putting her parents’ items in the cart without the bag. They did not earn the bag and she treats them accordingly.

-A group of old people came on a field trip to Target and spent ten minutes discussing the new Jungle Book movie before buying a copy. Their reviews were overwhelmingly positive and gleeful.

-The DVD ran $18.94. The group banded together, pulling out every coin they could find to ensure they gave me exact change. They must have had ten dollars in coins between them. The strength of their teamwork inspired me. The depth of their pockets confounded me.

-A fly flew directly into my nostril before bouncing around and making a swift exit. I was more impressed by its aim than bothered by its decisions.

-A woman seemingly stepped out of the 19th century prairie to purchase a frappucino. I think her dress was handmade. Her head scarf still had a price tag.

-An old couple came through my lane to purchase gardening tools. Anytime one of them turned their back to the other, they would be tickled without warning or mercy. I believe I have just had a glimpse into my future.

-A very angry old man pulled two full carts through. He purchased a Twix bar, a bottle of Diet Pepsi, 36 pairs of underwear, and 262 adult diapers. I believe I have just had another glimpse into my future.

cassandrashipsit Source: kimpossibooty
*Okay, so the little girl, in the first picture, is a student at Pretoria High School, and she is thirteen years old and she and her friends, all little girls like her, held a massive protest at the school when it instituted new dress codes that penalized their natural hair, and outlawed afros. So check out all the photos, and videos, of her. This Lil’ Angela Davis is awesome! Anyway, they won their requests to have the dress code banned, until it could be studied further.
And of course, Kaepernick is just getting blacker and blacker everyday! Okay, now he’s just punkin’ his critics at this point. That Soul Train line especially had me rollin’. When we were kids we watched Soul Train every Saturday, and we had to be quiet while it was on, because Soul Train was sacred, not just to my Mom, but my whole extended family.
And that Wicker chair? If you didn’t have one of these in your house, you were not a child of the 70’s!(lol)
dakrolak: “  So who’s winning this week? AFROS   #KapSoBlack obvs supporting #PretoriaGirlsHigh and #BlackLivesMatter  ”
 *This statement of intent had me giggling (with my juvenile sense of humor) for most of the day. Especially that last line, which I feel, is one of the more important questions that need to be asked.
alwaysthestudent: “ chadvally: “ Scientists can boogie woogie that shit the fuck out of here ” Cockroaches got tiddies? ”alwaysthestudent:


Scientists can boogie woogie that shit the fuck out of here

Cockroaches got tiddies?

Apparently, cockroaches got tiddies!
*I like these little statements of intent that people make on Tumblr. This is so true.


I subscribe to T’challa’s policy of “if you deserve these hands, you gon catch em. and if you don’t, then you not”

jokes this doesn’t need to be one of those posts where someone makes a clear jokeand someone adds paragraphs of meta that they’ve already posted but didn’t get any notes fromwe’re all aware of his arc in the movie


*Here’s some little known History for ya’!

Creator spotlight: Floyd E. Norman

Floyd Norman (born June 22, 1935) is an American animator, writer, and comic book artist. Over the course of his career, Norman has worked for a number of animation companies, among them Walt Disney Animation Studios, Hanna-Barbera Productions, Ruby-Spears, Film Roman and Pixar.

Norman had his start as an assistant to Katy Keene comic book artist Bill Woggon, who lived in the Santa Barbara, California area Norman grew up in. In 1956, Norman was employed as an inbetweener on Sleeping Beauty (released in 1959) at Walt Disney Productions, becoming the first African-American artist to remain at the studio on a long-term basis.


Following his work on Sleeping Beauty, Norman was drafted, and returned to the studio after his service in 1960 to work on One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961) and The Sword in the Stone (1963). After Walt Disney saw some of the inter-office sketches Norman made to entertain his co-workers, he was reassigned to the story department, where he worked with Larry Clemons on the story for The Jungle Book.

After Walt Disney’s death in 1966, Floyd Norman left the Disney studio to co-found Vignette Films, Inc. with business partner animator/director Leo Sullivan. Vignette Films, Inc. produced six animated films and was one of the first companies to produce films on the subject of black history.


Norman and Sullivan worked together on various projects, including segments for Sesame Street and the original Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s Fat Albert television special conceived by Bill Cosby, which aired in 1969 on NBC.In 1972, a different Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids Saturday morning cartoon series was produced for CBS by Filmation Associates). In 1999, Norman and Sullivan created a multicultural internet site, afrokids.com, designed to present a variety of African-American images to children.

Norman was a recipient of the Winsor McCay Award for Recognition of lifetime or career contributions to the art of animation at the 2002 Annie Awards. Norman was named a Disney Legend in 2007.

In 2008, he appeared as Guest of Honor at Anthrocon 2008 and at Comic-Con International, where he was given an Inkpot Award. In 2013 Norman was honored with the “Sergio Award” from The Comic Art Professional Society (CAPS). (X)

Websites: afrokids.com / blog / twitter

[ Follow SuperheroesInColor on facebook / instagram / twitter / tumblr ]


I love how these two Tumblr-ites came for these lil’ nonsense speaking trolls. This had me laughin for a while.


Shutting Down Bulls!*t with Franchesca Ramsey

Franchesca Ramsey shuts down myths about anti-racism work, hair politics, Matt Damon and more with Dylan.

just watch!

Franchesca is always super informational off the cuff, I’m alway impressed with her ability to wrap up years of social justice work and development into succinct definitions and explanations.

She’s an idiot.

When do people develop the career aspirations of being an anti-feminist troll?

When do you wake up and realize “I want to devote my days to trolling feminist blogs.”

What type of rock bottom do you have to hit to make these choices with your life?

*I love this response!

Source: youtube.com
 So Bigskydreaming kept getting some negative letters in their inbox and the person sending them was a bit …over the top. As a comic book fan this response to him just tickled me.
bigskydreaming irisvwest

bigskydreaming asked:

SIBELE WTF DID YOU JUST REBLOG I NEED CONTEXT IM DYING HERE. ‘I have observed the most trained and skillful warriors of this earth’ wtf why does this person sound like he’s about to embark on some space voyage to go fight alien Predators or whatever lmao this site kills me more every day I want to get off.

irisvwest answered:

LMAOSDIHFKLSNDFSDIO I DONT EVEN KNOW I HAVE ZERO CONTEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think we shouldnt mess with him though he sounds very dangerous he trained with that elisium eliso elso elzo guy? im honestly locking my doors



I just….I’m staring at that post and laughing and crying because I don’t know how else to react to people on this site who honestly seem to have picked up all their linguistics skills at the Academy for Aspiring Supervillains with a double major in Monologues and Vaguely Threatening References.

Villainous Text 101:

Does this trigger you?

Advanced class:

I’ve climbed the highest mountains, I’ve reached the pinnacle of my skill set by training with the top ten connoisseurs of the art of Anti SJWism, I’ve yield blades that predate the dawn of time and you WILL. FEAR. ME.

‘I have embraced the Path of Anti-Enlightenment, and yes, that name is one I have taken for myself IRONICALLY, to show SJWs the error of their ways. It is modeled after East Asian philosophies, which could be construed as a form of…what is that called again? Oh yes, cultural appropriation.

Wouldn’t you like to step into my parlor come to my blog and lecture me on cultural appropriation, oh brave young SJW who has stumbled across my domain,’ he asks while stroking a bald, hairless cat, sipping from a tumbler (oh the witticism) of the finest brandy, and twirling his moustache, all simultaneously. Do not question how this is possible, for it is one of the gifts gained upon attaining the highest pinnacle of Anti-Enlightenment, and truly it is beyond your ken, foolish naive little warrior of the social justices.

*My questtion is: How come Jeremy Davies does not possess a comb?

Lost alum joins American Gods as Jesus

Exclusive: Actor Jeremy Davies will appear on the Starz show


*Another statement of intent!


Barack Obama, the evil mastermind, terrorizing some babies with bees. (LOL!!!!!)

plain-flavoured-english lierdumoa

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    I love the Target series, and lol at Kaepernick trolling his detractors. Is that a wig? I don’t remember his fro being this big. Is he growing it out at a sign of protest? Either way, i like it 😀

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