Tumblr Hates Tomi

I debated whether or not to put this on here, but only because it’s not really Pop Culture related. Nevertheless it is one of several popular topics on Tumblr, and I had a theory.

Tumblr hates Tomi Laren. 

Actually, I don’t know any sane human being who doesn’t like her. I don’t like her and most of the Black people I know hate her guts. I don’t hate her though because for one: she’s a child, and two: she’s too dumb. I can’t tolerate stupid but I don’t actually hate it, as that requires too much energy.Odds are that it is unlikely she will grow out of it either. Stupidity this entrenched is hard to get out from under.

This is a girl who is trying really hard to be a Jr. Ann Coulter, but isn’t bright enough to pull it off. For one thing, as detestable as Ann is, her thoughts can sometimes be quite original, and you can see there’s a cynical, and nasty, brain in her head. Not so much with Tomi, whose eyes are as vacant as a doll, and who I very much suspect, has never had an original thought in her life. Most of her talking points come directly from Bill O’Reilly, as I’ve heard him espouse many of the exact same disgusting ideas, only he’s more eloquent about it.

She doesn’t have enough brains to come for Kaepernick, nevertheless, she thinks she does. I’m pretty sure Kaepernick, in fact most people, can run rings around her, which is why she had to completely make up all her talking points with which to refute him. She walked into this fight unarmed and asking for a refund, with no receipts. She’s carrying a rubber eraser. Her opponents are carrying swords.

She is a trust fund baby, trying to be a grown woman, and run with the big dogs, and she’s not smart enough to do that, either. She lacks finesse, doesn’t understand dog whistles, and thinks that passionately yelling that she has a right to an opinion is a stand in for intelligent discourse. I have noticed that people who yell the loudest about having a “right” to their opinion, are usually wrong (and tend to be deeply stupid).

“You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant.” – Harlan Ellison

And Tumblr (rightfully) hates her guts!



Lahren never misses an opportunity to explain how ethnic minorities need to be more grateful to the white majority, as if casual and systemic bigotry is the cost of admission in our fair nation. It’s a racist perspective because it views the parameters of race relations in America as beginning with the erroneous assumption that America is (1) a white country (2) built by whites (3) for whites.

The Lahren conclusion of such ahistorical proofs is that minorities should be thankful for basic citizenship because they do not intrinsically belong in America—even if they were born here—yet receive scraps of America’s prosperity nonetheless. The idea that American prosperity, particularly in the slave-based (and contemporarily conservative-based) South, was not disproportionately labored for by minorities is willful ignorance of the moral stain on America’s soul that is the Confederacy’s attempt to make plantation owners the cultural and political aristocracy of an independently slave-based nation.


Lahren is like a white-nationalist lawyer calling “objection” every time the supposed benevolence of white people is questioned, and she often uses her show to explain how all of America’s racial injustices individually do not prove that America is racist, while steering the jury of Americans impressionable to racial scapegoating’s attention away from the reality that, collectively, our never-ending stream of racial controversies suggests America is not quite post-racial. Lahren often points to the fact that President Obama and other black figures like Kaepernick have been successful, as if that proves that there are no systemic racial obstacles in America. Her show is a battle against accusations of oppression with angry rhetorical oppression.


I do not know Lahren personally, but her South Dakota upraising certainly does not suggest she had much of a—what is increasingly becoming a polarized, buzz word due to the Alt-Right’s neo-nazi penchant for racial hierarchies—multicultural experience. Her rhetorical political efforts certainly lean toward the Alt-Right’s white-focused ideology of America being a white nation, and especially toward the Alt-Right’s angry resistance to the slightest hints of social injustice. The Alt-Right’s motivation is suspect when populist pushes for societal equality make them feel like victims. If they feel victimized by equality, does it not prove that they do indeed have societal privileges? It is flawed political mathematics because extending equality to those without it is not a zero-sum game like the Alt-Right imagines.

Lahren certainly shows her Alt-Right sympathies when she suggests that ethnic minorities are ungrateful for and undeserving of living in America, that, if one doesn’t like their country exactly as it is, one should leave. Tomi Lahren’s consistent coverage of the allegedly unpatriotic sympathies of social justice figures has turned her into something of a Millennial mix between Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity: angered by the digital generation’s liberalism and tolerance, and a soapbox of pavlovian, white-nationalist empathy for the exaggerated struggle of the ethnic majority, respectively.


Real Talk, “Girl Bye” Edition: Tomi Lahren’s Ill-Advised and Misguided Attempt to Come For Colin Kaepernick

As many of you know, Colin Kaepernick has made a decision not to stand for the National Anthem to draw attention to issues of injustice, unfair treatment of minorities and military veterans, and lack of accountability for police officers who use excessive force. Some folks have had quite a bit to say about it. One of those people is TheBlaze’s Tomi Lahren.

And boy, did she have something to say about it! Goodness. But, in the midst of that “smackdown” she delivered, she said a few troubling things, made a few troubling assumptions, and in some places had Colin all the way fucked up. So allow me to address some of those issues below:

– Colin never placed the blame on white people. White people were never even mentioned. So to make an assumption and then talk shit on his biological and adoptive parents is uncalled for and not a good look.

– He explicitly stated that his refusal to stand for the national anthem is by no means meant to disrespect members of the military. In fact, he has friends and family members who have served in the military.

– Colin never said he was oppressed. He stated that he was using his platform to speak for and draw attention to the issues people who are.

– “What have you done to make it better?” Well, using his platform to bring attention to the issues faced by a large number of Americans (and yes, even those military members that she claims he’s disrespecting. He mentions the treatment of many veterans upon their return home. Ask just about anyone who’s had to visit a VA hospital about how they’re treated and they’d likely tell you a less-than-happy story.)

– “What’s your message to black kids, to people of color? That their biggest contribution to justice and self-fulfillment is to walk around with a chip on their shoulder?” Um…his message is not exclusively for black children, nor does he claim to be their spokesperson or representative. And again, I reference the fact that he’s using his platform to bring attention to the issues that people of color (and other groups) face. It’s the beginning of his contribution, not the biggest part of it.

The rest of her “rant” is some separatist, finger-pointing bullshit that is only meant to stoke the fires of hatred and shift the focus from actually addressing the issues that Colin Kaepernick is raising by wilfully ignoring the point like it’s a call from a bill collector. She implies that the problems that people of color face are because of other people of color not being willing to fix hundreds of years of societal problems as soon as they step into office. She says this without acknowledging the resistance these people of color (and let’s be honest, she’s talking about President Obama) face for having the nerve to not be white and elected into office. And she sees any actions to acknowledge these problems as an attack on white people as a whole. WHO WERE NEVER EVEN FUCKING MENTIONED IN THE FIRST PLACE.

You tried it, sugarlump. You really did.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to read Colin’s words and reach an opinion on them for yourself.



Tomi Lahren

is dumb AF. 


fuck Tomi Lahren tbh


Tbh Tomi Lahren is scum and I’m so tired of seeing her face and hearing the shit that spews from her mouth.


*The video of these two squaring off is on Youtube.

Charlamagne Kindly Got Tomi Lahren’s Ass Together

“If you go to a HIV/AIDS rally and the protest is about HIV/AIDS, do you Tomi stand there and say ‘What about Cancer’?” 

Now when I first heard Charlamagne had a debate with this bleached blonde dumbass (no that’s not a stereotype she has proven that she is slow) I was giving major side eye. The first thing that ran across my mind was, “who volunteered him as negro tribute?” but once I sat down and listened I was blown away.

He kept his composure the entire time. Never once raised his voice, called her out her name, or threatened her; which is something I could not have done. He brought up great points, offered great rebuttals, AND educated her ass all at the same time. This is a side to him many people have not seen. He is a very intelligent black man and he represented our community as a whole very well. Now if the message took, is another story because it seems like Tomi didn’t hear a thing.

Her major argument was basically that Beyonce shouldn’t even be allowed to speak about the injustice in the slaughter of black people in this country because her husband used to sell drugs. HUH???? excuse me, but what the fuck does that have to do with anything!? The point she was trying to make was that it’s not ok for black people to pick and choose what to be mad about, and that we should be focused on the drug and violence issues in our community. Charlamagne shut her ass down with this perfect analogy, “If you go to a HIV/AIDS rally and the protest is about HIV/AIDS, do you Tomi stand there and say ‘What about Cancer’?”.

Another one of her arguments was that the “black lives matter” movement is violent. Citing the incidents of violence a SELECT FEW used during the protests. But these comments came directly after she said it wasn’t ok to label all police offers as corrupt, pigs, murderers, etc. HUH??? I can’t even take her seriously, she’s just a walking contradiction.

Her arrogant ass just doesn’t get it. She is still hooting and hollering that the black panthers were a terrorist organization and as a 23 year old woman she should be ashamed. This is a direct reflection of the failures in our education system and it is really disheartening. I don’t think they’ll ever truly get it.

This is a must watch. Thank you Charlemagne for a great debate and putting on for us!


*Somebody got some receipts:


Tomi Lahren is the spokesperson for every idiot on Facebook like even her name screams “I’m a rich white who thinks reverse racism is real”


Tomi Lahren is the worst republican troll


On Kaepernick’s sitrep, more love from Veterans and a breakdown of the responses he’s gotten.


Kaepernick’s true sin is his rejection of the faustian bargain offered to black people who reach elite status in America––that their success comes at the price of ceasing to criticize the racism in the system that allowed them to thrive as exceptions. Many Americans would prefer that black elites not remind them of America’s unfulfilled promise that all are created equal, but rather pretend it has already been realized, or be silent about the ways in which it has not. The only thing that would satisfy Kaepernick’s critics is apathy.

Colin Kaepernick Is No Hypocrite | Adam Serwerrallyforbernie:

What does it say about our values when we slander someone for speaking freely against discrimination? In the midst of all that, the #VeteransForKaepernick hashtag is a thankful breath of sanity.

*I’ve never been prouder of our military veterans.

I think my theory has been proven, as these are just the first things that popped up on the page after typing in just her name. I didn’t even have to add qualifiers to it. Wow!















6 thoughts on “Tumblr Hates Tomi

  1. I love that some vets are sitting with Colin and adding their voices to his.
    I don’t follow sports and I don’t know much about Colin but his decision to take a stand/a seat creates yet another opportunity to continue the important dialogue on racism in America. I applaud him for that.


    1. This was the first time I’d ever heard of Donkey of the Day, altho’ I had heard of Charlemagne.

      The first time I ever saw Tomi she was spouting Bill O’Reilly’s exact talking points about Beyonce, and acting outraged over the stuff she (well he) had basically just made up.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. She’s just a puppet. I’m not even sure SHE believes half the stuff that comes out of her mouth. She’s quite ignorant about real-world issues and how they affect people. I think her talking points are written by someone else, but she pitches some of her ideas. All she has to do is spout hateful nonsense.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. “Tumblr hates Tomi Lahren.

    “Actually, I don’t know any sane human being who doesn’t like her.”

    Well, most intelligent people do. 😄 Sadly people like Tomi Lahren, Stacy Dash, and Sheriff David “Uncle Ruckus” Clarke are prime examples of a racist and self-hating Blacks who are paid to spout nonsense and engage in racially divisive discourse.

    Wonderful post, as always.

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