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*The Kaepernick Saga: I don’t know which is more galling, actual police brutality, or people mad at people, for protesting police brutality. Naw! They’re both equally fucking galling! Quick question for all those people who stanned for Muhammed Ali, (now that he’s dead), but hate Kaepernick; how is this different from what Ali did? And how does this man’s silent protest inconvenience you? And how many of you, who are mad at Kaepernick, and want him to shutup, ( cuz he’s already sitting down),  spoke out against police brutality?

I’ll wait!

whatwhiteswillneverknow dynastylnoire


White people: “Black people should protest peacefully!”

*Black person sits quietly during national anthem*

White people: “No not like that.”

Source: black-culture

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PSA: challenging and calling out a system of institutionalized oppression and racism doesn’t equate to me being unappreciative or not thankful for the many blessings and achievements I have attained. It just means that it gets tiring having to defend my right to having them.

I love this. Most military people get it, in a way that people who have never served, don’t. People who idolize the various  Services, but not what they’re serving for( or sometimes even the individuals who served.)

Y’all military personnel…stan for ya’ boy!



*I think Supernatural fans will appreciate this post:

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Canadian Nightmare



The Canadian regionalization DLC for Nyan Cat looks amazing.

This is nothing I wanted and yet everything I ever needed

Bless you Canada and your gigantic dinosaur snowplow monsters

Woo woo, motherfucker!


Goddamned Mezolithic Megafauna’s what that is. Goddamned warranty expired on those things centuries ago, but do they care? Do they go decently extinct, like the ground sloth, gigantopethicus, or wooly rhino? Fuck that, they’re doing downhill runs on your favorite skiing course is what. Because Fuck it, is why.

Now I understand why moose are built the way they are.

It’s so they can gallop untrammelled through six-odd feet of snow.

Jesus Christ I read those mother fuckers could run 55km an hour but seeing it is another thing especially plowing through the snow

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*Another criticism that I had of this movie was that Sam and, the other MoC, barely speak to each other, in this movie. Sam briefly speaks to T’Challa, and he does speak to Rhodey but the conversations are not friendly, they’re very challenging conversations, where Sam comes across as being grumpy to everyone.

Granted, he is completely justified in his attitudes towards T’Challa and Bucky, who have both endangered his life, but what was the animosity towards Rhodey all about. Aren’t they teammates? Why have we never gotten a scene of them just joking around with each other. Only really seeing him interact with Steve and Natasha. I like that they kept some of the relationship dynamics present from The Winter Soldier, as those three would be the tightest clique in The Avengers, but I agree, they could have left out some of the Tony stuff, and put in more Sam and Steve  and Natasha stuff. 

I love Civil War, but it really isn’t as good, or as focused, as The Winter Soldier. 

Go back and watch Captain America: Civil War, and count how many times you see Bucky “on Steve’s left”. Trilogy ends as it begins.

The Fuck? So our favorite brothers shot the same scene twice? WTF?

I noticed that! They kept half the dialog, dropped the bit about the outfit… and I’m not sure why.

1) The deleted scene sets up Steve dropping the shield by highlighting that he’s considering life as a civilian. It isn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision after his fight with Tony because he’s tired of the weight of the shield, it’s something he’s thought about, something he’s okay with, something he’s willing to embrace.

2) It shows that they sat down to talk instead of only chatted on the way to her hotel.

3) It shows that Steve and Sam didn’t just attend the funeral, they attended Peggy’s wake, and it seems they were accepted and treated normally there.

4) The look across the bar helps set up the kiss later, along with the conversation about the suit.

5) It doesn’t actually take much more time? It’s, what, a minute, minute-and-a-half, tops? We saw the flashback of Bucky/Winter Soldier killing Howard three times. We saw an extended walking scene of Peter going into his apartment. But they couldn’t put this in?

Also, the tiny bit where Steve and Sam are talking about civilian life? And how itadds to Sam’s personal narrative and characterisation?!

True! One of the sad things about Captain America: Civil War was that is not only wasn’t much of a Captain America movie, but so many of the Captain America characters didn’t get as much development as other characters.

Bucky starts out essentially hiding as best he can and trying to learn more about his past so he doesn’t hurt anyone. He ends up asking to be frozen so he can’t hurt anyone.

Sam is there as the wingman – both literally and figuratively. We got to know him more as a character, and got to know his backstory, more in The Winter Soldier. In Civil War, he fights, he quips, he supports, but he doesn’t really grow as a character, and we don’t get to know him more. He’s got the same personality, but we don’t know how his life as an Avenger has affected him, don’t know anything about his personal life… So he doesn’t get a lot of character development, either, unless someone noticed something I didn’t. In which case, I really want to learn more about that, so if you noticed something, please get in touch.

We actually get to know the most of Sharon’s life. Her new job, her relationship with Peggy (and, to a slight extent, her mom). We see more of her fighting skill (to an extent – maybe one day the Russos will let us see her win a fight), we see her put her career and life at risk to help others. But she’s only in the film for maybe five minutes and exits after giving Steve his and Sam’s gear. We have no idea what happens after.

Meanwhile, we see Vision learning about being a human, embracing feelings and then realizing how much paid they can cause.

We get to know more about Rhodey. His scene with Tony where he’s trying to relearn how to walk, his motivation, speaks to his character in a great way. He got this in a Captain America movie.

And Tony? Tony’s arc was HUGE. You can’t really argue that Tony is the same person at the end of the film as he was at the beginning.

A lot of people praise this film for its quality, and it was a good movie. But it has flaws that, when you study the movie objectively, keep it from being truly great.

Exactly what I feel about this movie. It is a good movie, but it doesn’t really feel like a Captain America film; to me it does feel like a fourth Iron Man movie. And I wouldn’t mind this, except this was supposed to be a Captain America film. Regarding Sam, I think we do see more of him, more of himself, but it just wasn’t enough.

I will always resent that. This movie is in no way the sequel Captain America: the Winter Soldier deserved.

All of this and YES – it def was NOT a Cap film by any shape or form. When your character is in the title, you should not just have 2 mins more screen time than another character. Yes, Steve had the most but Tony was a very close second. I’m still screaming at how LONG the scenes are with Tony. MIT was long. Spidey’s apartment was long (although I can’t complain too much – upon my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th viewing, I used that scene to take a bathroom break). I just would’ve loved to see more Sam, more Nat, more Bucky, more Sharon, and MORE STEVE in his own film?! ugh

So fucking much this.

Why were the scenes with Peter in Queens so freaking long??? Aren’t they making an entire fucking movie about that kid?? And they cut an essential Steve/Sam/Sharon scene but we got to watch that interminable scene of young Tony with his parents?? Come on! What MCU fan doesn’t know that story???  And watching someone fawn over Tony at MIT was more important than understanding how Bucky had been surviving all alone for two years??

What a fucking joke.

This!!! Civil War is not a Captain America story. It was not right to try and pass it as one. I am so bitter about this. I know (now – because they recently admitted this in an interview) that the Serpant Society title was something the Russos came up with, early on, to throw people off the scent of what they were actually doing but god, I would rather have the Serpent Society a thousand times over what we actually received. At least it would have been a freakin’ Captain America story! And at least then actual Captain America characters wouldn’t have felt shoehorned into their own damn film.



Luke Cage discussions. 

Wow! Luke Cage, Black Panther, American Gods, and Idris in the Dark Tower.


mcufandomhatespeopleofcolor desiree-rodriguez

Luke Cage is going to be black


Luke Cage is going to be black. And I know damn well the MCU fandom ain’t ready for it. They can’t even handle Rhodey and Sam (two black men whose stories revolve around two white faves).

But Luke Cage is going to be a show where a black man, who has no ties to any white character, is going to be dealing with his community, and his life.

The show’s going to touch on black on black crime

The N-word within the black community

Police brutality against the black community

black love

black family

and black history.

It’s going to BE black. Not the kind of black that non-black people are comfortable with, but the kind of blackness that nonblack people resent, fear, or just straight up refuse. The kind of black that makes people uncomfortable. The kind of black that says “If you ain’t black, this ain’t a convo for ya’ll.”

Luke Cage is going to be black as hell. And I can’t wait for it.

*So, here’s some new stuff you guys should know about:

Dia de Muertos



Hello guys today is Dia de los Muertos, so I want to share with you a very special MEXICAN movie that Metacube (mexican animation studio) is working on since 10 years ago, and offically registered since 2007.


This movie is called literally “Dia de Muertos” and for you to know Disney Pixar had trouble with this in 2012-2013 when they started licensing Coco, because they wanted to use the same name as the mexican movie, that is why Pixar took longer to work on Coco.


Now, I want you guys to support this mexican movie, because it is a Day of the Death movie made by MEXICAN PEOPLE IN MEXICO!


I will LOVE you if you like their facebook page, check their teaser and images! I hope you can support them because here in Mexico, we dont have that advanced technology like in other countries and that is why artists here are subestimated. I hope you guys can support this company because I know they have been working really hard to give us this movie.

Here is the link to their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/diademuertosthemovie/?fref=ts

Teaser 1: https://vimeo.com/144182790

Teaser 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssdUla9LmeE

Please do support this movie, you have no idea how hard it is for a Mexican movie to be recognized, even in our own country. Many filmmakers and animators have an extremely hard time trying to create quality content just to have the doors shut on their face. Please support them I beg you. Make it easier for them and for all of us who want to become a part of the filmmaking industry without leaving our country. Bonus point: Help them educate people about our traditions, I am tired of seeing so many wrong and humiliating stereotypes about my beloved country. Thank you


*This ain’t true yet, but I wish it was!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard the news. Donald Glover has been cast as a young Lando Calrissian in Han’s Solo-Dolo movie. Kinda.

Despite the clickbait titles claiming casting surety, Childish Gambino hasn’t confirmed rumors he’ll be playing the prequel version of Billy Dee “smoothest mutha f*cka on the planet” Williams. The internet’s first choice for Miles Morales, and y’all need to stop because he is too grown to play Miles, finds himself as the perfect Lando Calrissian for directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Before we get too hype, there’s no official offer on the table. Donald Glover leaving Atlanta for Cloud City remains pure speculation. But y’all know all we need is the slightest hint of the future. So let’s roll with this one.

Read on here. [x]



*Things that tickle my odd sense of humor:

If TV shows were their own fanfictions:

  • Orange is the New Black: The writer keeps killing all your faves, but you keep reading anyway because it’s entertaining, has super interesting characterization, and is the only quality femslash you can find.
  • Supernatural: A 10,000 word fic that was supposed to have ended seven chapters ago, but the author keeps writing because it’s their most popular work and people keep requesting things like “domestic human Cas with baby” and “mutual unrequited pining.”
  • Game of Thrones: Has every content warning you can imagine, including incest, rape/non-con, gore, and about ten thousand major character deaths, but you read it anyway because it’s super popular, keeps coming up in fic rec lists, and has dragons.
  • Hannibal: A well-written fic with complex characters, good writing, and a suspenseful storyline that you realize too late has been abandoned since 2009.
  • Doctor Who: A quirky and interesting fic that everyone used to love, but dropped in quality after it got taken over by one of its co-authors who got all the characterization wrong and got rid of everything that made you love it in the first place.
  • Steven Universe: “AU where everything is gay and no one dies”
A couple of days ago some guy wrote a think piece about how to talk to women wearing headphones. The response to that was largely what you’de expect, which is… DON”T!!!
I mean seriously, if I’m in public wearing headphones and you interrupt me, whatever comes out of your mouth better be as entertaining as whatever you just interrupted, or you better be on fire, or your house, or the city, or a meteor better be about to hit us, or something. You better be telling me I just dropped my wallet or that WW3 just started. Ya’ know? Something important!

Also someone wrote a parody response to that article in the form of a poem. I loved it! Check it out!
karnythia dynastylnoire

Yesterday half your comrades were ordered to shout “Smile!” at the Woman Who Is Walking.
And the woman did. Too wide.
So wide that her mouth engulfed the street and became a vast cavern.
Six of your friends were devoured.
You could hear the unladylike slurping sounds from blocks away as you beat a hasty retreat between the Scylla of the Woman Who Has Put Her Bag Next To Her On A Bar Stool and the Charybdis of the Woman Who Is Just Jogging.
You did not attempt to speak to either of them.
They passed you.
You were left unscathed.

And another parody article:
How to Talk to a Woman Who is Wearing Headphones


Yeah, I’m still mad about this too:





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  1. Aw, the dog dude. Have we found the male counterpart to the cat lady?

    You know what this reminds me of, lkeke? A post of yours that was so funny about a woman age 35+ who isn’t married and there’s this cute little kitty that walks into her living room talking about, we heard you were over 35+ and single, we’re moving in. Kitty came with its entire crew (the 50 stray cats of the neighborhood) lmao!!!!

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  2. “Do any of Kaepernick’s critics realize that a huge number of our armed forces are PoC? Oh, the irony!”

    Well, when you’re a racist who can’t stand being reminded of racial injustices, your hatred blinds you to facts and logic.

    Any celebrity of color who expresses intolerance for Black lives lost to police brutality will be promptly vilified. You don’t hear a peep from MOST of the extremely famous actors and actresses. To me, that means they’re either cowards, or they don’t care about the deaths of PoC to police violence. I’m disgusted by the celebrities who remain silent. I respect John Legend, Don Cheadle, Michael Moore, Samuel L. Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, Colin Kaepernick, Jesse Williams, Beyonce, etc.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. A lot of people seem to think there’s this contract that if you’re a famous PoC , because you’re getting paid, you need to ignore what’s happening to your folks and not be too socially or politically aware. This is basically what’s going on with Beyonce, too. Black performers aren’t allowed to be socially conscious.

      Although there are white people who catch this isht too, remember what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they spoke out against the Iraqi war? They still haven’t recovered from that and those were conventionally pretty, upstanding white women.

      There’s this idea that people with money, especially black people should just be grateful for their privilege and keep their mouths shut.

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  3. Remember a few weeks ago there was basically the same flippin’ controversy with Olympian Gabby Douglas? The end result being that enlightened “patriots”bullied her unmercifully online. In Gabby’s case, I don’t remember if there was ever an explanation as to why she didn’t put her hand over her heart during the playing of the anthem, and honestly? I don’t care! She’s a young incredibly talented gymnast and that’s all that should have mattered. In Kaepernick’s case, I think he’s articulated very clearly and passionately why he won’t stand and I say Bravo! Speaking as a white middle-aged woman I’ve seen plenty of police corruption iin my town, but I’ve never personally been targeted because of the color of my skin. I can’t imagine being a person of color and being afraid of being pulled over. Neither can I imagine growing up in a country where so many people spout hateful ideaogy against minorities. And going even beyond that, look at the history of the Star Spangled Banner. Francis Scott Keyes was a white slave owner and if you read the third stanza, that’s pretty racist. I read an article yesterday that said the choosing of the Star Spangled Banner as our national anthem was controversial at the time because of these very things. Many people preferred America the Beautiful, which would have had my vote. Anyway, Mr. Kaepernick has every right not to stand, and I’m glad to see that not only is his team supporting him, but many veterans as well. Sorry about the rant!

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    1. Well said. I don’t think many people have actual read the Star Spangled Banner’s lyrics. It was certainly not written with Blacks or any people of color in mind. It’s not as if Kaepernick went out on the field and burned a flag. I fully support Colin Kaepernick, who risked his career to stand up for what he believes. He’s also gorgeous. 😏

      Let me just say as a mother and aunt raising young Black men, I am terrified every time my son and nephew walk out the door. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even want them walking to a store which is literally a 4 minute walk from our home. I have been both assisted and brutalized by police officers within my city, and while I know that there are plenty of good officers out there, there are also some who abuse the privileges granted by their badges.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I did read a brief bio on Key and it talked about what prompted the racist third stanza in the Star Spangled Banner and why it was written, so yeah. I prefer America the Beautiful (which is also in everyone’s vocal range, and is much more eloquent).

        I’m proud to see Veterans standing up and telling his critics, “Not in my name!” That’s exactly what those people need to hear. Stop using these peoples service to their country to tell someone to stop exercising his rights. That doesn’t even make any sense to me. I’m glad to hear them say they didn’t fight for their country just to support police brutality, too. I’m proud of them for speaking out.

        Do any of Kaepernick’s critics realize that a huge number of our armed forces are PoC? Oh, the irony!

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  4. Here we go again! So now folks want Kaepernick fired for exercising his right to protest. I often wonder if my fellow Americans know that other Americans have a right to protest. The hypocrisy. I’m actually writing an article about this right now.

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