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*This is an perfect example of the kind of wtf*ery I was talking about when I mentioned, that unless PoC were useful to White fans, they get vilified in the fandom. Here, Nick Fury is unnecessarily demeaned by of all people, Bucky, when the two of them have never interacted in canon. It becomes obvious that Bucky’s sentiments in this ficlet are really just a stand-in for the  writer’s hatred of Nick Fury.  I am an accomplished enough reader to be able to tell the difference, between a writer’s opinions, and his character’s opinions, most of the time. 

Anonymous asked:

Imagine Bucky finding out Nick Fury is alive. Can he settle between being simultaneously offended and relieved?

imaginebucky answered:

“That motherfucker,” are the first words out of Bucky’s mouth when Natasha drops the file on the table. A black and white picture of Nick on a beach floats out of the thick folder; he’s in sunglasses, reading what looks like a case file from a lounge chair.

“How do you know Fury?” She asks. “I don’t think you would’ve found the time to, uh. Chat.”

“You mean while I was shooting at him?” Bucky says, lacing his tone with acidic sweetness. Steve, sitting on his other side, rubs a hand over his face and sighs. This, this is why they’d waited to bring it up. Piecing together Bucky’s last decades has been a daily trial, but they need it – and he wants it – to remember, so it can end.

Natasha opens her mouth, then shuts it, and opts to shrug. Bucky picks up the photo. The way Nick is sitting you can’t see any damage to his chest, and his leg isn’t splinted any more. He looks healthy. Younger. “I don’t know him,” Bucky mumbles. “We’ve never met.”

“He’s underground,” Steve offers. “Very underground.”

“Don’t matter.” Bucky flips the photo over and leans far back in his chair, letting his long hair fall into his eyes. “Tried to kill him. Thought I did. What kind of asshole just lets you think they’ve died, anyway?”

Steve catches Natasha’s eye and she scowls. “You get used to it.”


Bucky has never been okay about what he did while under the control of Hydra and how easily he’s able to be controlled because of their mind-control and brainwashing stuff. That’s literally why he did what he did at the end of Civil War, because he regretted what he’d done (even though he wasn’t in control) and how it hurt the people around him and couldn’t be sure that it wouldn’t happen again.

So what do you do?

You write a story where all of these white people sit around judging Nick Fury for not sucking up to the man who tried to murder him. (And you have Steve and Natasha judging him like they wouldn’t understand faking his death when a white supremacist organization has already tried to murder him in public once before.)

You write a story that ignores MCU canon and Bucky’s personality so that you can demonize a Black man for moving on from the Avengers and living his life.

You write a story that doesn’t even make sense from line to line (like what even are you doing with Bucky’s moods here).

There’s no reason why Bucky would be so annoyed by Nick’s continuing survival since he doesn’t know the man or have any beef with him. Hydra’s vendetta was not his vendetta and there is no actual reason in canon for any of the Avengers to hate Nick Fury. None. There’s no reason for him to decide that Nick owes it to him to go “hey, I’m alive” despite the fact that they have never interacted outside him BLOWING NICK FURY UP AND TRYING TO KILL HIM.

To you, you’re just writing a “cute and quirky” epilogue that allows you to address Nick Fury’s absence. It’s not a big deal. But to people (all fans, not just Black ones) who are fans of Nick Fury in the MCU, it’s indicative of how fandom can’t just let Black characters live.

(See how Sam Wilson went from Nanny figure and Team Therapist to an asshole that’d hurt poor, innocent Bucky because he can’t bring himself to get over how Bucky has attacked him multiple times as of CACW.)

I’m not surprised though because fandom has been vilifying Nick Fury since he showed up and didn’t suck up to everyone’s respective favorite white characters.

When they’re not making him the desexualized team dad, fandom has been writing him as a manipulative lying bastard who just wants to keep Stucky/Stony/Clintasha/Starcy apart because he’s mean like that. There are next to ZERO Nick Fury stories in the MCU that don’t tear his character to shreds in order to make white characters look better.

What you’re doing here with your story crapping on Nick Fury for literally living isn’t anything new. It’s antiblack as fuck, annoying as hell and played out, but it’s definitely not new.

Maybe rethink the next time you get a message like this, because for Black fans of Bucky andNick Fury? This is just a slap in the face that once again tells us that we’re not welcome and characters that look like us don’t belong.

And if you seriously don’t understand where you went wrong and why this is upsetting, readTHIS POST and click on all the links. Mkay? Because this sort of thing is NOT OKAY.


Imagine Bucky understanding that despite Hydra traumatizing him and forcing him to commit violence, no one in the MCU (especially Black characters like Nick Fury and Sam Wilson) has to “get over” their trauma at having him hurt them in order to speak with him and make him feel better about what he’s done while under someone else’s control.

Oh wait, that’s canon. Too bad fandom hasn’t received the memo.

*finnnorgana artepen





side eyeing the fuck out of this but idk if it’s just… gross or what.

Like… ugh.

What kind of asshole? The kind that wants to live after you put three fucking shots in his back, FUCK WAD!

This is why I hate this fucking fandom. Fuck Bucky. Fuck his fans. You can all choke.

… I’m gonna vomit, WHY WAS THIS NECESSARY?! Nick Fury didn’t do anything to B*cky but of course, fandom warped shit into being so that no matter what Fury did or didn’t do was harmful to B*cky. Fury was busy saving the world and HAD to fake his death to help save shit, it wasn’t an offense towards B*cky. What, was he supposed to go track B*cky down personally and assure this man he doesn’t know that tried to kill him that he’s not in the wrong?

Also just… why would Bucky think that there being one less name on the list of people he killed as the Winter Soldier is a BAD THING?

Like what kind of logic even…

But I guess they just want Nick dead that badly. Just being out of the picture isn’t enough. He should have rolled over and died like a good target. Gee I wonder why they feel that way? >.>

Like just admit you hate black people and move on why even write a nasty ass ficlet that goes against everything Bucky stands for and completely ignores how it is CANON that he regrets everything he did while under hydra’s control? Like why waste the fucking time to be nasty just why?

Source: dazzledfirestar good god fandom racism



 *This is akin to the same attitude in fandom where WoC are asked to stan for White women’s issues, but when we need the support, they are nowhere to be found, all the while, crowing about how progressive and inclusive they are. How is that any different from White men crying about how they aren’t racist while practicing it? This girl’s Twitter response to Leslie Jones harassment is the same thing.

finnnorgana artepen



Remember that time white feminists pitched a fit demanding that black women ( everyone’s go to attack dog ) do something to save Agent Carter from being cancelled because it was a uber feminist show. And we were meant to ignore the lack of diversity because white women were being represented. And we collectively said hell no and it was this huge thing. They are allowed to be infuriated by our rightful silence because their issues matter and ours don’t. So naturally it’s no big deal if Leslie’s co stars don’t come to her defense publicly because whatever. Fighting racism can’t be done silently or in private but again who cares it’s not happening to their fave transphobic lesbian. I never forgot that Agent Carter BS and I won’t forget this either.




y’all… if your friend was receiving violent racial harassment for months, and the had their website hacked and their personal photos and info leaked, why would you not publicly support them?

what good is telling someone in private “hey i support you”, when you literally have the power to mobilize your own fans in defense of them?

it’s shady af that the rest of the ghostbusters cast has said nothing, it’s shady af that they haven’t been vocal, and it’s so fucking telling that all you white feminists are jumping to their defense like black women haven’t seen this shit go down thousands of times, like this hasn’t happened to us consistently over the course of our lives

like it’s obvious when people aren’t riding, and don’t intend to ride for us, and then y’all have the fucking NERVE to ask us for our support

i’m done with white women lol y’all are so myopic and selfish and honestly i’m tired of being called to the table to defend y’all when most of you cannot be bothered to think for even a MOMENT about WoC, god forbid TWoC

finnnorgana Source: boostergoldmansachs
*This is the reason I had so much trouble watching Jessica Jones. its not even a bad show. I applaud that its talking about some controversial issues and doing so in a sensitive and forthright manner, but I couldn’t get past this part of the show. It reminded me too much of what I’d gone through in the Agent Carter fandom and how the white fans of that show mistreated the poc fans. Since Agent Carter, I’ve been very wary about appeoaching any fandom that for any show with a white female lead and a lack of poc. Its just better not to get near them.


Jessica Jones is a racist show, especially anti-black.

Not only did they kill Clemmons in a very graphic way, they also made Malcolm an addict because of course they did. But not even that gross, racist storyline was his. Kilgrave made him so, to get at Jessica and she, in turn, used him. She put him in danger, she mocked his sufferings and made his addiction about herself. Frankly, it was. We were never shown him actually fighting, resisting to it. He was an addict and then, he was fine. Eventually, he became the support system of Ruben’s sister, another white girl willing to step on him if needs be. From beginning to end, Malcolm was a pawn and a liability, his efforts to insert himself on the narrative dismissed with a patronizing pat on the back.

Luke Cage got off worse. This show was supposed to lead the way to his own show, premiering in  2016. Luke Cage, that historical hero, impervious to bullets, whose story matters so much as of now. We were introduced with is character through Jessica’s binoculars, as she stalked him.

He is shown having sex with a black woman. Said black woman, it turned out, was cheating on her husband with him, allowing us to understand a bit more about Luke as he declines her advances. A straight-up guy, he “doesn’t do drama”. Never once is that woman shamed for her choices, however. She’s confident and upfront and challenges Jessica, calling her out on her obsession with Luke. Nevertheless, she is soon forgotten, set aside to let Jessica and Luke’s story begin. She was the only black woman with a speaking role in the whole series and her potential was already conveniently abandoned before the end of the pilot.

From that moment onward, Luke is surrounded by white people. His colleague is a white guy and all his scenes are with Jessica. He has no world, no friends, no relations. He is utterly othered, rarely if ever sharing the camera with another POC and linked solely to Jessica.

Their relationship is physical, leading to many sexual scenes between the two. The spectator watches as a blooming fondness is born, a trust shared. Luke helps Jessica in many ways, his moral support giving her a drive and a new-found confidence in her abilities. That, in itself, is already symptomatic of a lack of balance in their interactions. Never once is Jessica here for him, to propel his story. So far, there is none to tell. He has no ties but her.

The truth comes out, eventually. Jessica killed his wife, a black woman once again set aside by the narrative to propel their romance. She killed her and never told him, even though she knew who he was. She tricked him, abused of his trust and only came clean because she had to. Luke doesn’t shy from stating how violated he feels, how betrayed. He is completely disgusted with the very though of having slept with his wife’s murderer, showing to the spectator how wrong Jessica’s actions were. Jessica raped him and there is nothing more painful to watch than his face as he realises what she’s done. Mike Colter plays it with such intensity and raw pain, it’s unbearable.

His plight doesn’t end here, however. Kilgrave finds him and learns about is relationship with Jessica. Because they could, the writers didn’t refrain from showing the former bewildered with the very idea of their  interracial entanglement, referring to it as a “pity shag”. He proceeds to take control of Luke, unbeknownst to the spectator. Throughout a whole episode, Luke is literally forced by the narrative to forgive Jessica, to stay near her and to offer his moral support, once more. He has no choice, no say in this. Yet, we are never showed that. His turmoil remains silent, the focus staying on Jessica and her relief at being once again the receptacle of Luke’s affection. His story and feelings are of little consequence. He is pushed back in the arms of his aggressor, by Kilgrave but also by the narrative. That state of helplessness, which is so often described as traumatizing and painful, holds only emotional weight when Jessica learns that him forgiving her wasn’t real. The consequences on his mental well-being aren’t worth dwelling into because, as per usual, only Jessica and their ship matter.

Knocked unconscious for the entirety of the finale (!!!!), Luke is powerless as Jessica holds him, kisses him and professes her love. Once again, he is but a silent witness, a barely consenting participant in that poor excuse for romance.

This show is racist and romanticizes the abuse of black people. And that’s not right in the slightest.

fandomshatepeopleofcolor Source: autisticlynch

8 thoughts on “Tumblr Fandom Antics 1

      1. I support you.

        It wasn’t easy for me. I had to go to therapy and put distance and then solid boundaries in place. I got tired of being praised for being “empathetic” and got burned out on being an emotional caretaker for my mother.

        I took on this role very young because her marriage to my Dad is a disaster and I felt it was my job to protect her, entertain her, defend her, worry about her, fight other adults for her, live and breathe for her (they’re still married BTW, and I now understand that what they do has nothing to do with me). She allowed me to take on the role and used me as an emotional dumping ground for her problems. It wrecked havoc on my psyche and turned me into a servant to THE CAUSE, which became a defining character trait.

        I ended up taking care of EVERYBODY in my life. My friends, my boss, my coworkers, strangers (it makes me sad when I think about it), because it’s all I knew. If I wasn’t exhausting myself saving for somebody, I didn’t feel right. I didn’t have any purpose, I didn’t have the right to be there. I didn’t have the right to BE. I had to earn the right to exist by DOING.

        After an endless bout of depression, I found psychological help, I cut ties with everyone and reclaimed my space. I’m no longer everybody’s savior and I don’t even feel guilty that it’s made me a distant aunt (my survival comes first). I had to remove myself from interacting with people altogether to LEARN how to interact with people.

        What I was doing before was only existing through my service to other people, which I no longer tolerate. I’ve learned a bit of selfishness, the best thing you can do for yourself when you’ve been molded to erase yourself in order to make others comfortable SO MUCH that you never got to build an identity. Now, I find ways to be inaccessible to people who ask for too much. I never learned to say no when it comes to helping people and I’m still not good at it so I rather stay away.

        It’s not perfect, but it’s better than being constantly invaded, willingly signing up to be taking advantage of by force of habit, and now after decades of this, having to struggle SO HARD to find the polite way to say no, enough. I’m learning but in the meantime, I’ve learned to be as good and patient with myself as I used to be with others so I don’t feel guilty for using whatever subterfuge I need to get some peace. When I learn to say no and be strong about it, I’ll do it consistently. For now, I do whatever it to protect myself and if letting it go to voicemail is the way to do it. Oh well 🙂

        Last thing, what made it possible to break free was understanding this: people who really care that I live won’t hold my new stance against me. Those who have a problem with it never saw me as a PERSON. They are therefore, a danger to my survival and should be handled as such. Blood be damned.

        Sorry about the novel 🙂

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      2. It’s cool. I agree with all of this. Im one of those people who like to fix everybody’s problems and then get deeply emotionally involved with that problem. I had to learn detachment.

        Now though, I’ll lend an ear, and give advice but My family knows not to lay their problems on me to solve now. I have learned to Give advice and if it’s not followed, let it go. I’ve done what I could. I used to get so frustrated when my family and friends would complain about problems they seemed unwilling to fix. Now I’m just blunt with people. ” If you won’t fix it, or don’t want it fixed, then don’t talk to me about it.”

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      3. Talking is therapeutic, believe me I know. I suffered a lot of abuse growing up at the hands of relatives I love, and decided to seek help at a young age. It has been extremely hard trying to forgive when apologies have never been given, and I know they never will be.

        I love my Mom, but we have our issues, and sometimes I have to keep my distance. When my father attempted to re-enter my life, I wasn’t having it, and cut him off too.

        For years I’ve found myself trying to do what was best for my son and my family, only trying to better myself with the hope that I could help them too. Now, I’ve reached a point in my life where I only want to focus on MY happiness and what I want to do. I still help my family, and they’ve helped me, but now I’d like to be selfish.

        Believe me, I understand your feelings, and support you too.

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  1. The fact that the writers of most the popular TV shows adds fuel to the fire. I used to love The Walking Dead, but I grew fed up with its characterization of PoC, specifically Black characters. You had the unmemorable Black woman who chose suicide in season 1 for reasons I still don’t understand. You had T-Dog, who was reduced to a non-speaking role, until the writers decided he needed to sacrifice himself to save a White character. In many of Michonne’s earlier episode appearances she was constantly mean-muggin’, and then whenever a new Black character appeared an older one was immediately killed off. I gave up on TWD.

    As with Marvel, most TV shows and films, there simply can’t be too many Black characters ALIVE in a storyline at the same time. When I look at the way Black characters are written, I often wonder: “What was the point of this?” Even so, I’ve come to realize that no matter how well-written a character of color may be, racist fans will do their best to demean and vilify them. 😳

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    1. Yes, I call the The Highlander Rule. ” There can be only one.” I still watch TWD, becuz I stan for Michonne and Carol, all day, everyday. I just get attached to some characters and get addicted. But I did notice the pattern on there.

      But you’re right. It doesn’t matter how the characters are depicted. The Klandom is gonna do whatever it has to do to devalue the PoC in the narrative.
      Sometimes it is an unconscious bias but sometimes it’s very deliberate. I’m mostly trying to reach the ones who aren’t conscious of it, so they can examine and assess their own work. Some people want to be good and not hurt others with their work. I wanna reach those people.

      The ones who do it deliberately and then craft elaborate bs to cover their racism, are being put on notice that we see them and know what they’re doing.

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