The Precious Cinnamon Buns of Crime


*This post is a reblog from daughterofmulan. This is stated so perfectly, that I don’t have anything to add, except this also ties into how fandom does the same thing. Woobifying and playing down the criminality of White villains in the primary narrative, as simply preciously misunderstood, while vilifying PoC characters for committing the same actions.

This is exactly what I mean when I say people need to critically assess the media they consume. We’ve been fed this particular narrative for decades, and most of us have never thought about it, or how this narrative plays out in the real world, with Black people being coded as hopeless thugs from birth, while White criminals get treated as “good guys gone bad”, by the Criminal Justice System.

Its not just a television phenomenon. Media stereotypes have real world consequences for PoC.


Please visit hir blog on Tumblr for more on this topics.

5 thoughts on “The Precious Cinnamon Buns of Crime

  1. I love this post because I’ve always despised the mafia movies that everybody’s so fond of. I hate them ALL, because I’ve always been disgusted with the way being a criminal is cool and glamorous when you’re white. Black people do it and they’re thugs who deserve to be shot.

    Figure it out. Is crime bad or not? My eyes turn black every time someone quotes the Godfather.

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    1. That is understandable, yeah. I do watch crime movies, with white actors, but I cant watch black crime movies, though. Those always piss me off in a way the mafia movies don’t. I think I’m getting something different out of those mafia movies than you tho’.


  2. Oh my gosh all of this. I felt it sharply when they released the movie “Bad Moms.” I feel so much pressure being a black mother and feeling like a bad mom, but then they make this damn movie. Now if those were black ladies, that movie would never have been made.

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    1. Yes, I’ve always hated how the media vilifies Black women, not just for being Black and women, but for giving birth, too.

      I never had any intention of going to see Bad Moms, cuz not a PoC in sight anyway, but how do people not see these movies and television shows reflected in the real world.

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