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Trust me, this will be fun for y’all!

The discussion on Tumblr, about Zendaya playing Mary Jane in the new Spiderman movie, continues apace, with the people on Tumblr having waay too much fun snarking theangry manbabies that are upset that she is being portrayed by a Black teenager.

And c’mon, isn’t there just a tiny element of, since it’s largely White men who seem to be having the most difficulty with this issue, how much of that issue stems from the idea that when Mary Jane was portrayed by  White women, she was considered by these grown-ass men to be great boner material? Now that she is being portrayed by a Black teenager, its suddenly become a lot more difficult for them to watch the new Spiderman movie while fantasizing about boning his supermodel girlfriend.

And no, its not because she’s a teenager either. After all, the male fandom of Full house had no trouble, whatsoever, speculating about how hot the Olsen Twins would be when they reached their majority, and that’s when they were still pre-teens. Let’s be honest here, there’s a certain portion of the fandom that gets really upset when Hollywood doesn’t provide them with  regular doses of fresh masturbating stimuli, and I guess Zendaya ain’t what they’re looking for (not that I want her to be). This is why there’s such a hangup about her looks.

Also, for those people whose sole argument against the new Mary Jane is that she’s not a redhead, because they  really don’t believe, or want to believe, that Black people can be redheads:



hey racists who think Zendaya can’t be Mary Jane, not all redheads are white

*Still, the snark continues:

finnnorgana jawnbaeyega


Dear comic book fans,

With the casting of Zendaya as Mary-Jane Watson in the upcoming Spider-Man film, I’ve noticed some tension and controversy surrounding this topic, and I just want you all to know…


Source: manicsrealm we’re taking over
A callin’ out of the hypocrisy:
finnnorgana khiravaggio


people are really more scandalized about mary jane’s hair color than tilda swinton playing a tibetan in a bald cap and mighty whitey iron fist i’m screamin like please tell me when redheads became some sort of ethnic minority to be protected

Source: afro-elf
“ dazzledfirestar:
“ fandomshatepeopleofcolor:
“ Saw this on the MCU Facebook post announcing Zendaya’s casting. Thought it was a great response.
Publishing this but just making sure people are aware, this is a fanpage on...
*Oh yeah, and Dan Slott, the writer for the original Spiderman is laying the smackdown on the bigots on  Twitter. I have a whole new love for this man now, outside of just writing Spiderman books. This is how you  ally.


Dan Slott, one of the Spiderman writers, is killing on twitter.

*And let’s bring it on home with some clapback from the fandom.
reverseracism desbreaux


My favorite thing right now is that everyone who doesn’t want Zendaya (a black girl) to be Mary Jane is sighting her hair as the problem because MJ is a redhead but like,

I didn’t hear ya’ll complaining

then, so why now?

Source: bamonbrigade1



If you’ve managed to stay silent and unbothered about both actors playing Barry Allen looking and acting nothing like the character in the comics or about the whitewashing in Doctor Strange (which isn’t canceled out by casting Chiwetel Ejiofor as Baron Mordo), now is not the time to open your mouth about any of the Black women playing racebent female characters in the MCU and DC universes (film and television).

Because clearly, despite your claims to the contrary, you don’t care that much about the canon if you only care about “defining characteristics” like a character’s haircolor when the character is female and the person playing them is black.

Bonus: Most of these women cast as these racebent female characters are super light-skinned Black women which is its own set of problems, let’s be real here.

Basically,if you’re silent on whitewashing (or worse, angry and aggressive towards POC calling it out), you need to keep your mouth shut about racebending.

fandom racism racebending i’m so tired of fandom
*I’m totally loving all the responses to this ridiculousness all over my dashboard. I don’t even have to join in this fight. I can just: 

3 thoughts on “Delicious Tea on Tumblr

  1. Why is the Hiddles tea gif so funny?

    Interesting conversation. I rejoiced when Rihanna was cast as Marion Crane and I’ll let people rejoice for Zendaya. I guess the reason I’m not joining the conversation is because I fundamentally disagree with the idea that that Spiderman cast a Black woman as Mary Jane.

    I’m 100% here for Zendaya getting the role. I however disagree with the one-drop racist rule that allows people to cast half-white actors who are ‘acceptable’ PRECISELY because of the white blood that makes them fair-skinned, with euro adjacent feature and 3-scale hair and act like these characters are Black representation.

    I’m here for all the Halles and Zendayas. I however do not place them in the same category as the Angelas and Nias. Let’s not act like there isn’t a “palatable” type of Black and that their status as ‘presentable’ directly comes from the fact that… they aren’t actually ALL Black. But I’m slumberting tho 😉

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  2. I’m truly loving this, so please keep it comin’! 😂

    stitchmediamix’s comment: “Bonus: Most of these women cast as these racebent female characters are super light-skinned Black women which is its own set of problems, let’s be real here.” is what I’ve been saying all along. This type of casting gives the illusion of a diverse cast WITHOUT casting diversely. The CW is a primary offender when it comes to this.

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