Weekend Link Roundup


A host of interesting stuff  happened this weekend, along with special topics of interest, not just for me but for some of my readers, too.

Hi! have some links and photos!

Yes, I have been watching the Olympics and cheering every American, and Black person that gets any kind of medal. Yep, I got favorites, too. The Simones and Serena in particular. This is a combination of two of my favorite topics: Superheroes and Black Girl/Woman Excellence!

Marvel artists turned Black Influencers and Athletes into super versions of themselves.

Black female athletes who keep making US history.


eastasiansonwesternscreen fyintothebadlands


According to Aramis Knight, episodes will return February 2017!

into the badlands news

Good news out of Syria! Boi, these women actin’ a fool now that ISIS is gone! (LOL) I’m so happy for them!



Well, I know where I’ll be on January 13 of next year: watching a few of my favorite Black women pay homage to the Black brilliance. Last night the trailer for Hidden Figures, starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monet (*waving* Heeeyyyyy, ladies!), premiered. Hidden Figures tells the story of three Black women […]

via Taraji Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monet Prove #BlackGirlMagic Is Nothing New — THE KINFOLK KOLLECTIVE

*I am so here for this movie! It stars all my favorite Black actresses and its about SCIENCE! I’m a total Science geekgirl, and the idea that Black women participated in the moonlanding event just brought tears to my eyes. I’m totally geeking out about it!


*Thaddeus Howze outlines why time travel movies may not be most Black people’s cup of tea, especially if set in America. Incidentally, I don’t particularly care for time travel shows or movies either, and prefer my Historical narratives without that particular angle. I don’t actually need a modern day person to identify with to get into the story. 

Driving Ms. Daisy’s Time Machine


I haven’t watched this show yet. I was about under ten years old in the 70’s, so I don’t remember a lot, but I do remember a surprising amount of music, though.This is by one of my favorite Directors, Baz Luhrman, and looks like a lot of fun. “The Get Down” dropped on Netflix, sometime last week. I’ll be bingewatching this soon.


Geek Review: The Get Down (Netflix)


*I still don’t know what to feel about making virtual games out of Black pain. I know this isn’t anything aimed at Black people because why would we want to experience our own fake pain? I don’t like the idea that White people would do this just for shits and giggles, which is what I fear is all that will happen. Making Black pain profitable and entertaining  is just repulsive on every level.

Black pain isn’t a video game: The possibilities and pitfalls of virtual reality in the Black Lives Matter era



*The Sensei outlines exactly what my problem is with the new Wonder Woman movie and why I mostly hate Jessica Jones. She talks about the treatment of PoC in speculative fiction and outlines why Mad Max Fury Road, Rogue One, The Force Awakens  and a host of other movies lauded as Feminist, may be good films, but they are not Feminist. Sensei pulls absolutely no punches when she speaks about Black issues. So, if you are a White person of delicate sensibilities, just be warned. She doesn’t edit herself to be polite to anyone’s feelings.


*I had no idea that the creator of Wonder Woman was a virulent racist, but somehow, I’m not surprised, either. I’ve never been a fan of the comics. My ideas about Wonder Woman come solely from the 80s TV show. I’ve never read any of the comics with her, unless they were standalones by a particular artist, like The Hiketeia by Bryan Hitch, or her activities in The Justice League. I know a lot about her because other characters talk about her and I’ve read her bio.

The Enduring Racism of Wonder Woman




And on a more serious note: I’ve never really heard this put this way before:


This was specifically about a shooting in Canada of an Indigenous man who came onto a farmer’s property and was killed for that.


I loved this article:


The rage that white men have been expressing, loudly, violently, over the very idea that they might find themselves identifying with characters who are not white men, the very idea that heroism might not be particular to one race or one gender, the basic idea that the human story is vast and various and we all get to contribute a page – that rage is petty. It is aware of its own pettiness. Like a screaming toddler denied a sweet, it becomes more righteous the more it reminds itself that after all, it’s only a story.

Only a story. Only the things we tell to keep out the darkness. Only the myths and fables that save us from despair, to establish power and destroy it, to teach each other how to be good, to describe the limits of desire, to keep us breathing and fighting and yearning and striving when it’d be so much easier to give in. Only the constitutive ingredients of every human society since the Stone age.

Only a story. Only the most important thing in the whole world.

The people who are upset that the faces of fiction are changing are right to worry. It’s a fundamental challenge to a worldview that’s been too comfortable for too long. The part of our cultural imagination that places white Western men at the centre of every story is the same part that legitimises racism and sexism. The part of our collective mythos that encourages every girl and brown boy to identify and empathise with white male heroes is the same part that reacts with rage when white boys are asked to imagine themselves in anyone else’s shoes.

Read more



Next up: There’s some major discussion happening on Tumblr around the White fandom response to Black characters and spaces in the MCU, like Wakanda, and the show, Luke Cage. Also, the funniest things I saw on my dash this weekend.






One thought on “Weekend Link Roundup

  1. Oh wow. The Marvel pics almost made me cry. Such a celebration!

    “Hidden Figures”! That’s the kind of movies I want to fight for. Original movies made about our stories and cast properly. I will be ALL OVER it. I love Taraji and it’s going to be a treat to see Janelle on the big screen. Also looking forward to see Octavia. I didn’t watch “The Help” and I’d love the chance to watch her in something else.


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