Why Movie Fans Need to Stop Paying Attention to Rotten Tomatoes Scores

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Picture this:

It’s June 1989.  A young Darth Gandalf, age 10, gleefully walks into the multiplex with his father, mother, and kid sister in tow.  Their destination: the movie theater.  Their mission:  bask in the glory of Ghostbusters 2.  Two hours later and mission accomplished, DG skips out of the theater content and happy.

Flash forward to Saturday March 26, 2016.  An older, larger, grayer, and (hopefully) wiser Darth Gandalf strolls into the local AMC this time with his wife at his side.  It’s date night.  Their destination:  the cushy recliners with the cup holders big enough to support a Big Gulp.  Their mission:  enjoy a nice evening in the warm embrace of The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel.  Two and a half hours later, DG shuffles out of the theater in a glass case of emotion (sans glass) next to a wife who insists he’s never picking the date…

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