Tribute: Kenny Baker R.I.P.

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Right in the midst of the Star Wars revival the franchise as lost one of its original cast members, Kenny Baker. Best known for his faceless and undoubtably uncomfortable role of R2-D2, Baker had a long standing career as an entertainer, a life that seemed to find him rather than something he sought after.

Having been born in Birmingham in 1934, Kenneth Baker was planning on following his father’s path and working as an engraver, but didn’t meet the requirements for the job. Instead he was approached on the street by a lady who managed a performing troupe of midgets and dwarfs. This invitation opened the world of show business, and Baker joined the circus and put together a stand-up comedy routine. He was a 20 year veteran of performing when George Lucas came looking for a performer to play R2-D2 in the upcoming Star Wars. From there he went…

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