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One of these days I’m going to come up with a title for these particular types of posts. ‘Til then, I’ll just stick with having the word Tumblr somewhere in the title, I guess.

Well, anyway these are reproductions of some of the discussions about fandom and race, or race and Hollywood, I just want to signal boost. I give the authors full credit, and advocate for everyone to please subscribe to Tumblr, if you can, or just visit the blogs in the links.


*First, the good news!

9 Black Women Who are Directing Upcoming Feature Films
“Being that 1.3% of feature film directors are women of color (Directors Guild of America, Diversity Report), some powerful black woman are rising above the statistics. From feature films on racial inequality to relationships to women’s issues, these nine directors are shaking up the theaters in 2016 and 2017. Here are the incredible women and the movies they are directing.”

1. Ava DuVernay – The 13th (2016) and A Wrinkle in Time (2017)

2. Amma Asante – A United Kingdom (2016) and Where Hands Touch

3. Julie Dash – Travel Notes of a Geechee Girl (2016)

4. Frances-Anne Solomon – Hero (2017)

5. Dee Rees – Mudbound

6. Stella Meghie – Jean of the Joneses (2016) and Everything, Everything

7. Dawn Porter – Trapped (2016)

8. Rita Coburn Whack – Maya Angelou and Still I Rise (2016)

9. Nnegest Likké – Ben & Ara (2016) and Everything but a Man (2016)

Add Gabourey Sidibe to this list! She’s directing a short film called Four Women!!!!!



 Sam Wilson is no one’s fucking third wheel.

Let’s review Sam and Steve a little:

There is a reason that Sam and Steve are dressed alike in every fucking scene. They’re partners. There is no sidekick here. They are on equal footing and every decision that has to be made, is made together, as teammates, as partners.

I think it’s important that Sam was the first to disagree with signing the Accords and not Steve. Sam made his point known first. He didn’t wait to see how Steve would respond to it, because it didn’t matter. Sam felt how he felt, independent of Steve and whatever Steve’s feelings may have been.

Sam’s not afraid to call Steve out on his shit. This is also comic canon. Sam makes his opinion known and Steve shows nothing but respect for Sam and his opinions.

Everyone wonders why no one but Sam was at Peggy’s funeral to support Steve. Did anyone consider that the reason Sam is the only one there for him, is because Sam is the only one he wants to be there for him? Did you consider that Sam is the only one he’s willing to be vulnerable in front of?  Did you consider that Sam is the only one he wants by his side? Did you consider that Sam is the only one he actually wants to receive comfort from?

He didn’t even know Natasha was there and his first thought upon seeing her was that she was there simply to talk him into signing the Accords.

Steve tried his best to save Bucky from any and everybody. He and Sam with the help of Sharon, find Bucky together. Sam on the roof as lookout while Steve goes inside. When Black Panther first attacked Bucky, the first thing Steve did, before he did anything else, was call out for Sam. That in itself is very telling.

Bucky attacked Sam and Steve in turn attacked Bucky. They could have played this out a million different ways, but they didn’t. Bucky also fought with Tony, Natasha, Sharon, and T’challa. Yet it was Bucky attacking Sam, and Steve in turn attacking Bucky that they chose to highlight.

Once they, you know Sam and Steve, standing side by side, the way they were for this whole damn movie, have Bucky’s arm in the vice and Steve’s all emotional and happy that Bucky knows who he is, it only takes one look and a few strong words from Sam to snap Steve back into action. “People are dead, Bucky. I need you to do better than I don’t know.”

People wondering why Bucky’s in the back side instead of Sam. There’s a reason Sam and Steve are side by side in the car (besides that fact that side by side is how they’ve been throughout this whole fucking movie,) with Bucky the odd man out in the back, but you know, draw from that scene what you will.

The way Steve keep looking over at Sam throughout the airport scene, you know where they once against stood side by side. I mean, he wasn’t looking back at Bucky, who was once again off to the side. Seriously every scene that had all three of them in it, was Sam and Steve side by side in front of Bucky. They were a united front. Sam and Steve that is. How the fuck do you get Sam as the third wheel side kick out of that?

Airport scene. Steve left because Sam told him to. End of discussion on that.

The last scene before the two end credits is Sam and Steve smiling at each other. Like who the fuck is this third wheel side kick you speak of?

I’m not saying there wasn’t a sidekick. I’m just telling you that it sure as fuck wasn’t Sam Wilson, aka the Falcon, aka not your fucking third wheel no matter how much you may want him to be.

Steve said the name ‘Sam’ more times than any other word throughout this whole fucking movie. Just saying.


*This is an excellent summation of the above defense. Sam is constantly being cast as someone whose only worth is that he is of use to the White characters. This is a common trope in fandom because its such a common trope for television and movies.

*I was going to do a post on how all PoC are only ever presented, in most forms of media, as being useful to their White stars. I’m not surprised to see common media tropes about PoC being reproduced in fandom. Its what happens when people don’t bother to examine the media they consume. You can believe yourself to be as Progressive as you want, but if you don’t remain constantly vigilant against racist messages, those messages will infest any art you produce.

*Being Progressive is not a final resting place. Its not a place you get to, then stop moving. It takes constant work. Like germs, these tropes are insidious and sometimes you don’t  know you’re in possession of them until you run into them, or someone else points them out.

Is fandom racist? Of course it is. Every other form of media they’ve been exposed to carries problematic messages, or the simple erasure of PoC. The foundations of their fandom are racist, so that is what they are going to produce when it comes to their own art. 


shady-saint asked:

The thing is all the antiblack racism in fandom, isn’t new in its use of racism. They cycle though the same racism stereotypes and fit the ones on that they think fit the best. But a lot of this boils down to black people not being seen as people and or individuals separate of nonblacks people. We exist on a spectrum from the saintlike nonthreatening blacks people who exist to take care of nonblacks usually to the detriment of their own wellbeing(Sam)(T’Challa),

stitchmediamix answered:

and erased from the narrative or vilified depending on how best to be pushed aside(Rhodey)(Nick). But with both we still exist in connection to nonblack people either as their asexual mammy, Mandingo, therapist, or the angry negro, the shady black pesron, and the savage. They can’t fathom we exist as actual people that’s why even before the Black Panther movie comes out their trying to make it about Bucky.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Fandom is so stressful because this always happens whenever there are Black characters in a piece of media. Fandom either figures out a way to use them to shore up their ships or they find out a way to make them a bad guy (that the ship has to band together to take down or something).

(Normally, I’d say something about how it’s all about white dude slash ships, but I just read a Darcy/Steve story where Nick Fury was positioned as a minor bad guy interrupting their happy rom-com of a life for asking Steve to be a little less conspicuous and to let them know that they’re not safe running around New York like they’re on an episode of Friends.)

And Black fans of stuff know this isn’t new.

Our friends know this isn’t new.

Nonblack POC who are fans of characters of color (like Elementary’s Joan) who’ve seen the fandom spin machine at play get it.

The only people who don’t get that rewriting Black characters as villains, nannies, wingmen, and jealous exes so that they can prop up a  non-canon ship between two white characters is a bad and constant thing are the people who don’t want to get it.

I mean… considering how you can google this shit? And how there are blogs dedicated to talking about racism in fandom spaces? There’s a point where “I didn’t know” becomes “i didn’t want to know”. Because you can literally track the cycles and the racism and the hate for Black characters in their tags and in fandom meta posts.

It’s not that hard.




I know we joke about it but it is really hard to not be hyper-critical of the media you consume as a person who has been made aware of the ways that stereotypes contribute to your oppression. It’s hard to turn it off an simply enjoy something. As a black person, the hyper-visibility of our death and pain and struggle makes it damn near impossible sometimes. And so to have people who will *never* understand that, people who in their various ways benefit from anti-blackness, say that black fans are overreacting when they critique your favorite cartoon or movie or comic is incredibly callous and dismissive.

I’m just sayin.





it’s so fucking IRRITATING to see these ignorant, holier-than-thou nonblack ppl being all like “there goes tumblr at it again” in my fucking face when I have to deal with another fucked up mishandling of a narrative that’s based around discrimination, castes, slavery, racism or whatever

I am trying my damn best to move past hyper-criticizing media, I really am. i’m trying to be happy and escape from the real life news about another black person being gunned down excessively, by a nonblack person who’s probably gonna get off scot free because that’s what the previous 10 news articles said happened before

I’m trying to keep from media that consistently fucks up writing about racial discrimination/castes in fiction or whatever and mistreating characters that are clearly based on my skin color and my history, but what do we fucking get?

The same garbage. Over. And over. And OVER again. In different sources. In ALL mainstream media. That all say the same thing. That black people are caricatures, are dangerous, are stupid, are aggressive, are hypersexualized, or whatever other one-note stereotypes that nonblack writers make out of us. And we’ve been seen that way in America since the very beginning.

America’s history is solely profiting off of Black (and other non-White) people and their heritage and history and stories, all while making us feel worthless and despicable even though we’re the reason they’re so fortunate.

It’s 20-fucking-16 and I’m tired of seeing myself dead on the news, only to turn the channel and see that I’ve been maimed and murdered in fiction for no discernible reason, portrayed as a dangerous brute that “had it coming”

Writing black or black-coded characters in such a way that they HAVE to threaten the protagonists and force the protagonist into “self defense” (Sound Familiar???) or whatever, when there are other avenues.

There’s nothing wrong with complicated, morally gray, unsavory, black coded characters- but you need to have ENOUGH complex, multifaceted black/black-coded characters to do that with and have a BALANCE. As heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and anti-villains.

“Tumblr’s at it again, they’re never pleased”
No, your tasteless, tone-deaf, shitty creators who you hold dear- who I THOUGHT I held dear, are at it again.

Tell them to quit fucking up stories that are CLEARLY based on our suffering, and we’ll stop complaining about it.

Source: nerdgasrnz anti blackness
*On some level I knew this. I do not read gay romance novels because I got really tired of most of the tropes listed in this post.
* I’ve never seen Medievalpoc get mad or snarky, but people must be seriously working their last damn nerve  to get this particular response. And I don’t blame them for being upset. It gets really tiring trying to explain to the same deeply ignorant people, every day, that Black people existed before 1964.

And seriously, when are people going to realize that when I post resources that happen BEFORE A THING OR TIME IN QUESTION, I’m showing you that people of color were ALREADY THERE? They didn’t just magically spring into being in time for a battle or to have their portrait painted, that we can assume they were born out of a human and spent some time growing up and existing before anyone wrote about them or created an image or other record of them?

Like this is what happens from teaching and learning history in “periods” or “events” that get presented and analyzed in some sort of vacuum. As if once a new “era” starts, someone slams their hand down on the “Racial Reset Button” that makes everyone magically white again?

Look, no one can force you to fact check what I post here, click the links I have provided, or read what I post at all. But can we at least PRESUME basic knowledge of temporal existence? Am I asking too much?


8 thoughts on “Tumblr Discussions

  1. Okay, what an amazing post. I have so much to say lol.

    Good news, indeed! Love to see that list of Black women directors.
    Gabby’s making big moves. I celebrate her victories. She must have heard it all in Hollywood and she refuses to let it bring her down7. It must drives some people crazy that she refuses to “know her place”, sit in a corner and be invisible. To the top, Gabby!

    The Angry Black Female stereotype must die. It’s extremely harmful to Black women and it’s used against them in every sphere. It’s a common weapon used in the corporate world to sabotage Black women by calling them “threatening”, and difficult.

    Wow, I don’t follow Fifth Harmony and I didn’t know things were that bad. My heart breaks for Normani. Unfortunately her story is all too common.

    “when i say i want to see a black female love interest who is allowed to be girly and fall in love they give me weird looks and say that i’m supporting gender stereotypes and heteronormativity”

    Which is why we need our own space and our own film makers, directors and producers to do right by us. White feminists are still white women and a lot of them don’t understand that being a Black woman is a completely difference experience.

    “*Being Progressive is not a final resting place. Its not a place you get to, then stop moving. It takes constant work.”

    * applause *

    “*On some level I knew this. I do not read gay romance novels because I got really tired of most of the tropes listed in this post.”

    That was a fantastic article that reminded me of one of Zina’s article. It made me wonder, because the way he talks about it. It seems like these novels are written by people who might not be gay or bisexual themselves. That’s definitely the feeling I got and listen I’m not gonna front and I will give it to you straight (I didn’t mean it like that): you will (almost) never get a decent gay novel out of a straight person. I’ve read their stories, I’ve written some, I know how they think, and they’re not writing from a place of reality, plausibility, responsibility, decency (lol). Just a lot of clichés and basically heterosexual fairy tales with two dudes. I think that kind of work should be demoted to a different category that allow readers to know what they’re getting into. The novels written by people who know what they’re doing should have a distinct category for readers who want to bypass the BS. Yes, it’s segregation, but the readers have the right not be bamboozled.

    “black women were created of brown sugar and warm honey. the sweetest thing to bless the earth. be wary of anyone who tells you otherwise.” ― alexandra elle.

    Aww ;’). She’s right though 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was deemed an “angry Black woman” at my previous place of an employment (an art museum) because I preferred spending my lunch hour ALONE, I wouldn’t interact with my co-workers outside of the museum, and I was vocal about racism at the museum. To me, co-workers are co-workers, and I usually limit my relationship with them to the office. 😏 If I like them, we can have contact outside of the office, but that’s rare. That doesn’t make me an angry Black woman, just private and untrusting.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s sort of how I do things at my job. But I also work a job where most of the people are older, introverts, and private. We get along great…at work. We mostly don’t and don’t want to see each other outside of work. Most of us are too busy to be bar hopping/party people.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Oh they hate the quiet Black woman. Don’t you know you’re supposed to be loud, sassy, and a comic relief? You know, “useful” as lkeke would say. How dare you not be desperate for their company, acceptance and approval? Who do you think you are? You uppity-

        I wish I were exaggerating. SMH.

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Working there killed my desire to ever work at another art museum. Museums are not as racially inclusive as one would think. On the exterior they present themselves as progressive institution but they employment process of museums, at least those in Florida, rely heavily on nepotism…but that’s another article.

        Liked by 2 people

    2. “White feminists are still white women and a lot of them don’t understand that being a Black woman is a completely difference experience.”

      That is the complete truth. No one can understand my experience like another Black woman, most-likely another Black woman who has lived in poverty.

      Liked by 2 people

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