Supernatural Season 11 Overview

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I really enjoyed this season. I think the overall theme, one which was hammered home in episode after episode was the re-integration/reunion of broken families. From the re-establishment of Sam and Dean’s relationship and the  breaking, and re-institution, of other sibling units, such as Chuck and Amara. nearly every episode carried the theme of siblings, and other family members killing, or saving, each other.


I really enjoyed these episodes and would re-watch them many times. At least one of these has a permanent spot on my DVR.


This is one of my all-time favorites for the  season. I think I wrote earlier that the rest of the season would be graded on a scale of “Baby”. I love how, after shows have been on the air a number of years, the writers like to play around with the formats, giving us musical episodes, silent episodes, or episodes set…

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