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So this happened earlier this week. Daisy Ridley (such a sweet soul) was driven off Instagram by harassment, after she expressed an opinion about guns. ( This is slightly different from what happened to Leslie Jones, who was specifically targeted by racists.) But online misogynists seemed to have taken heart from driving several women away from the Internet and so are on some kind of roll here. Its just gotten to the point where expressing opinions,  in a public space,while looking like a woman, brings out the bullies, I guess.

At some point this shit is going to backfire. We already have celebrities now who absolutely refuse to get involved in any form of social media outside of TV. What if more of them decide to withdraw? What if more of them decide its just not worth it to interact with fandom, since there’s a certain contingent, across all of fandom, male and female, that just insists on showing their asses?

Not only that, but John Boyega was harassed by fans of Daisy to get her to return to Instagram, after he said he fully supported her decision to withdraw. John has received his share of harassment for being a Black man,with the gall, to star in a movie, so he is well aware of how bad it can get. I find it infuriating that these same individuals bothering him about supporting Daisy, have never spoken out about any of the harassment John received.



Just when I think dudebros can’t possibly get any worse, then they advocate for shit like this. Its not enough to harass women online, I guess. They think its okay to take this shit out into the real world and try it. The problem with trolling women in the real world, is  there are actual fucking consequences, and it has real world names, like menacing, stalking, and sexual harassment. See, whats going to happen is that they are going to harass the wrong  woman and get maced or sued. That should put an end to this kind of  wtf*ery.

I also wanted to point out, as regards men hating women, and  I’m not sure where I heard, or read this, but its been noted that women turn their negative emotions on themselves. When men experience negative emotions, they’re encouraged to turn them on everyone else.

chescaleigh christel-thoughts









i just discovered the term ‘black knighting’ courtesy of reddit and i want to vomit 🙂

i can never believe how much men hate women. it just keeps getting worse and worse

I’ve never heard of that. Is it new? And what is it? I have a bad suspicion… 😦

no idea how new it is, as i typically avoid reddit like the plague (but i discovered this term through the link to the gendercritical subreddit)

“A Black Knight is someone who pisses women off for entertainment.“ as opposed to a White Knight aka someone that stands up for women in order to try and get sex :/

here are some excerpts, courtesy of theredpill

on the subject of a woman walking away from you at night: “I’m just a man who decided to run an errand at night. Next time this happens jog after her. There is no law against jogging. Chase her for a while and then stop. Enjoy the fear you created. Woof woof you stupid cunt.”

on the subject of what they called “biological warfare”: “How do you exploit these two weaknesses? Start baking for the office. See how much butter and sugar you can make the little piggies eat. With sustained effort everyone will be up ten pounds in three to six months.”

“Fructose has various nasty biological effects when consumed in excess.
Main ones we are interested in are raised blood trigs, adiposity and increased appetite (outside of normal insulin fuckery, but related).“

“Try replacing the fructose with a sugar alcohol like sorbitol. For a portion of the population, it causes “gastric distress” – diarrhea and gas, mostly.”

another story that im gonna paraphrase: guy didnt like his female boss, she was stressed over a project, someone “accidentally” sent flowers to the wrong desk- to HER boss- with a note saying “the interview went great and we look forward to working with you next month!” to make it look like she was secretly searching for another job. she got fired within the week.

using the womans bathroom at starbucks, which one man described as “empowering in a red pill way” because of course most women are going to look confused if not upset… clearly beyond the red piller to imagine reasons a man might enter a womans restroom besides to go to the bathroom

some things fairly innocuous like leaving empty condom wrappers in womens restrooms and stuff…. to intentionally trying to intimidate women, getting a woman fired, etc. men harassing women in various ways, “for teh lulz” i guess.

We could never hate men as much as they hate us.

Andrea Dworkin recommended for the women of the 21st century to harden our hearts and learn to kill. Perhaps she was right.

women who hate men want to distance ourselves from men, have our own communities, when women hate men, we want to get away from men. When men hate women they do the exact opposite, they invade our spaces, harass us, intimidate us, stalk us, are violent against us. It doesn’t matter how much women hate men, we don’t hate men the way they hate us.

^^^ the last comment is so important

That last comment really hit the nail on the head, I was just trying to articulate that exact thought earlier today.


Here’s a list of things to not do when writing about Black people. Just following most of these rules should help to avoid falling into the crosshairs of irate Black readers. 

mcufandomhatespeopleofcolor writingwithcolor

How to write fic for Black characters: a guide for non-Black fans


I dont watch this show, and have no intentions to, but I dont think this is a distinction that this show shoud want, or strive for:


Otoh, there’s some good news! I’m here for shirtless Tatum in water, even though he cain’t act a lick.


There are lots of moments in the Star Trek  Beyond that had me near tears. I don’t remember ever having seen escape pods on any bridge, of any starship. It s a delicious piece of world building, how this (Kelvin) version of Starfleet learned a harsh lesson from George Kirk’s death. 

plain-flavoured-english lierdumoa




I went to see Star Trek Beyond again the other day and I noticed something that I hadn’t before: the escape pods on the bridge of the Enterprise were specifically called Kelvin pods. At every other point, crew referred to escape pods until the bridge crew specifically began to evacuate. We saw the pods after ejection: escape pods were larger, presumably could fit multiple crew members (going by previous Trek history, really, and the size and number that we glimpsed), and had to be got to. The Kelvin pods were streamlined, single person carriers and built straight into the walls of the bridge. Accessible from any point in that space, effectively.

‘Kelvin pods’ or their equivalent haven’t been seen before in Star Trek (as far as I know) and definitely have never been referred to before in the Kelvin timeline. The USS Kelvin bridge crew had to leave the bridge to evacuate, and George Kirk had no point of escape after he set the ship on its fatal collision post. Given the name of these pods, it’s safe to say that these were installed after that incident to ensure that no Starfleet officer would ever have to go down with his ship in that way. Had there been pods in the bridge, George Kirk would have been likely to survive.

And I think that this is a thought that occurred to Kirk as he stood there, watching his ship be ripped apart too long after the last of his crew (darling Checkov) had abandoned ship. As he lingered and made that decision to go. To live. To save his crew like his father would.

I noticed this when I saw it and remembered thinking what a beautiful little piece of world building it was.

It’s a very casual kind of way to remind the audience, not only the reaching effect of the Kelvin incident in-world, but also how hard it is for Jim Kirk to escape the circumstances of his birth.

There he is, able to get his crew to safety and follow them off the ship because of something that was created to prevent what his father had to do. In a way it’s George Kirk getting Jim off a crashing ship all over again.

It’s details like this that show why Simon and Doug need to write the next one if you ask me.

Source: xenadd star trek beyond yes yes yes yes that’s what i loved about the writingactions are not incidental there are consequences to everything star trek beyond spoilers


Just signal boosting  an excerpt from another of those real time discussions between Tumbler-ites, where the second person is arguing intersectionality in feminism, and the first just isn’t getting it. This occurs in the middle of a discussion about Uhura being Spock’s love interest. The stereotypes, and tropes, for White women in movies, is not the same for WoC, and when discussing feminist issues in media, people need to keep that in mind.



“This is not about race”

When discussing characters of colour, it is literally always about race. You absolutely can’t divorce a character’s race from their portrayal or your interpretation of them. There are whole blog posts and whole blogs dedicated to discussions of race in media and fandom and how race shapes or impacts on both media portrayals of characters and the fandom’s response to them. Uhura isn’t just a character or a female character, she is a BLACK female character and because of that any discussion of her portrayal in media or fandom is inherently racialised.

“This is about the fact that heterosexual relationships are constantly being forced […]  I’m actually just really tired of the white males always getting into relationships with women in movies. It’s boring” – 

And this is exactly why race always matters in these fandom discussions. Simply put, the media conventions and stereotypes for characters of colour are different to those for white characters. “Man/woman” relationships aren’t everywhere in the media to the point of being forced and boring – WHITE man/woman relationships are. Interracial relationships of any sexual or gender makeup are still very rare and always get a huge amount of backlash from audiences (Barry Allen/Iris West in The Flash, Finn/Rey in Star Wars, etc. – Sleepy Hollow even decided to kill off its (black) female lead rather than depict her in a relationship with the white leading man). This is what I meant when I said that white LGBT people aren’t the only minority group that exist or deserve representation.

“But I’ve never felt that it was NECESSARY. It was never canon, either. In TOS Uhura was happy on her own for the most part, which I really appreciated.”

No, it wasn’t canon, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that it shouldn’t be (bearing in mind that “but it didn’t happen in TOS!” is the same argument people are using against gay Sulu). However, Nichelle Nichols did feel that if Uhura had romantic potential with any (male) character in TOS, it was Spock, and for all we know that relationship may have become canon if circumstances had allowed for it. This is also another example of why you can’t separate race from the equation because again, Uhura never having a canon romance in TOS wasn’t some kind of statement of feminist empowerment – being single and happy to be forever alone is actually a negative stereotype for black women (consider the “Strong Black Woman Who Don’t Need No Man” trope) and Uhura’s lack of a love interest was also largely because it was the 60s and you simply couldn’t show black women being sexual beings and being loved on TV at the time, especially not with white men. (In fact, a lot of people seem to interpret Nichelle Nichols’ quote as meaning that Roddenberry wanted to make Spock/Uhura canon in TOS but the network wouldn’t allow it, which I…don’t really think is what her quote was necessarily saying, but I can definitely see it happening because the 60s were that racist). And like…positive representation for marginalised groups is important. Even if you don’t like the pairing you can’t diminish the significance of a major genre franchise featuring a black woman as the romantic lead or dismiss it as “hetero nonsense”, since relationships involving POC in the media simply aren’t given the same privileges as white man/white woman couples.

OP needs to take several seats and read up on intersectionality while they’re at it.

Source: pavelthenavigator

2 thoughts on “Tumblr Discussions (2)

  1. I’m as baffled by this as you, but then I’ve had many many years of practice as a young nerd girl in the inner city, with people who don’t think anything like me, or don’t like the things I like. I’m guessing these people really do believe they have some kind of “personal ownership” of these actors and how they think.

    Oh, they ain’t gonna ruin my childhood,😳!
    I’m going to treat these movies the same way I treat all the Exorcist rip offs. If they suck, I’ll pretend they were never made, and go back and watch the original. I’ve gotten really really good at that skill, but I suspect you are gonna get a lot of practice, too in the coming years.😊


  2. TheWarner

    I need to vent about this Daisy Ridley issue for a minute. I apologize in advance.

    I don’t understand why people get so bent out of shape when folks don’t share their opinions. To bombard a person’s email with hateful messages is insanity to me. Why run up your blood pressure or stress yourself out because someone else’s views differ from yours? This reminds me of people getting angry at Bradley Cooper for attending the DNC. I thought: “Do people actually think he’s Chris Kyle, the American Sniper? Because that was an account of a real man he portrayed in a MOVIE. Bradley Cooper’s an actor.” Do people not understand that actors are human beings who may not share the same views as them. And then they’re threatening to unfollow her on Twitter and not see A Star Wars Story: Rogue One. I think Daisy and the Star Wars franchise will be just fine, @$$holes.

    Look, I’m a Black woman who lives in the South. I’ve experienced A LOT of racism in my life. In school, stores, on the job…you name it. Imagine if I let the fact that deep inside, although they haven’t been exposed, some of the Caucasian, Asian, Hispanic, etc., and even Black actors, whose films I enjoy, hate Black people. Some of these actors could not care less about the loss of Black life. If I focused solely on that I would barely have any movies to watch, because racism is that rampant.

    They’re rebooting Highlander and Splash?! Can these greedy movie production studios stop destroying my childhood?

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