Nyota Uhura: One More Black Female Character Fandom Wants To Be Strong and Single Forever

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Uhura Telegraph Image taken from the Telegraph photo gallery “Star Trek cast past and present“.

I need White Feminism (which exists to benefit whiteness and white womanhood) to stop telling me that Black female characters are better off when they’re single.

I need White Feminists ™ in fandom to stop pretending that they’re protecting or promoting Iris West/Nyota Uhura/Abbie Mills/Eve Moneypenny by wanting these Black female characters to stay single and “strong” forever, pushing them away from the potential of canon romances with white male characters.

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6 thoughts on “Nyota Uhura: One More Black Female Character Fandom Wants To Be Strong and Single Forever

  1. Unlike most, I didn’t have a problem with the Spock/Uhura pairing in the recent STAR TREK movies because if you look back at The Original Series there were hints even there of an attraction between them. In several episodes it was shown that Spock and Uhura enjoyed entertaining off-duty crew members in the mess hall. He played his Vulcan lyre while she sang and they were looking directly at each other while Uhura sang.

    In addition, on the occasions where they worked together Spock would express a respect, appreciation and faith in Uhura’s abilities/talents/skills that he usually only reserved for Captain Kirk.

    And on a more political tip I stood up and cheered when I read the first paragraph of your article. Black women need to stop following The White Feminist Agenda since it does nothing but benefit white woman.

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    1. I remember those episodes. I remember when I was a young girl, watching Uhura fix her own console, and realizing “hey, she knows how to fix that! She didn’t call Scotty to do it! ” I distinctly remember being giddy whenever I saw Spock and Uhura together, or him praising her, or encouraging her. I love how he was always respectful to her, too. The very opposite of how he treated Nurse Chapel who he always tried to be clear with about not wanting her attention.

      Even at such a young age (about ten or twelve) I could see there was a chemistry there. Knowing nothing about politics at that age, I thought they were or would be in a romance, so I was kind of beside myself to realize in the first movie, “OMG! They did it! They put the them in a relationship!”

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      1. And one thing that was never brought out in The Original Series but was shown in two episodes of The Animated Series is that Uhura is fourth in the Chain of Command. It runs like this: Kirk, Spock, Scotty and Uhura.

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  2. SapphireYagami

    I like Spock & Uhura together. I have noticed that white feminists complain about certain female characters staying single and shouldn’t have a love interest.

    For example with the recent disney princesses Elsa, Merida and Moana- they dont have love interest and the feminists are happy however Elsa has been shipped by fans with Jack Frost, Merida with Hiccup and Im sure Moana will be shipped with someone too. Feminist hate that, personally I think its cute and they is nothing wrong with having a love interest, it doesn’t make them any less strong, or brave.

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    1. This is especially true for WoC. I’d like to see what pairings come out of Moana, because there’s no white people to ship in that movie. Whoever Moana gets shipped with, it will be interesting

      One of the biggest problems I’ve heard in fandom is that they will ignore canon ships between PoC, and white characters, in favor of shipping any token white person (usually a man) who happens to show up on screen, male or female.

      This is especially true for Star Wars, where the fans will ship Rey with Kylo, the man who tortured her in the movie, and ignore her relationship with Finn, and try to come up with really bad excuses for why Finn is bad person to ship with her. They will even ignore Rey and Kylo and ship the nearest white man in the script, Hux, with Kylo, rather than ship a white girl with a MoC. (I have Stitch to thank for that piece of info.)


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