Makes Me Smile

*This is absolutely the funniest shit I read all week, and I generally do not get with celebrity humor. But Damon Young has such a turn of phrase, and a knack for drag, that this post, literally had me in tears, and I genuinely dont care about Bow Wow, as a rapper, or political commentor. And if you think the post was funny, then PLEASE, be sure to check out the comments section. The commentors on VSB, are some of the funniest people on the internet. I had to take a break and catch my breath after reading those.

The Many Levels Of Peak Stupid In Bow Wow’s “I’m Too Mixed To Relate To Civil Rights,” Explained

@*MadTV has been re-issued for 2016.  This is one of the most underrated shows to ever air on TV, running for 14 years, from 1995 to 2008. I used to watch the Hell out of this show. Some of the funniest characters ever created aired on this show. These guys were waaay funnier than anything the SNL was doing at the time, or since. It gave birth to the, the UPS Man, The Coffee Guy, the Vancomme Lady, Key and Peele’s many characters, Ms. Swan, Stuart, and one of my favorite characters, Lorraine:


*Here’s another one of my favorite comedians, Stephanie Weir, as Leona Campbell, obliviously asking all those hard questions we’ve always wanted the answers to:


*And Yvonne Criddle, who is quite possibly one of the most infuriating characters to ever appear on TV. This woman is like Teflon, completely immune to any, and all, criticism of her behavior:

There are several playlists of MadTV’s greatest hits on Youtube.




plain-flavoured-english tinsnip


The Apple discussion is one of the primary reasons you want to sign up for  the quality entertainment on Tumblr. This shit is  deeply important and needs to be thoroughly discussed:

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