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We just got back from the new Legend of Tarzan. It was a mistake to go. It was a mistake to make this movie. Please, Hollywood, next time someone proposes to make a Tarzan movie, haul out the original source books and slap someone with them hard. You simply can not make a movie from…

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  1. SapphireYagami

    Granted the source material is crap but the movie itself was great. Compared to the disney version that I grew up with, this version of Tarzan seemed more realistic to me. Tarzan goes by his english born name in the film and its clear he doesn’t want to go back to Africa, which is understandable yet the english life of a gentlemen clearly doesn’t suit him. I like this version of Jane as well, she had a bit more spunk to her. Samuel L. Jackson did awesome as well as the guy from Django unchained and the black guy from Amistad.

    The movie overall was good and the Africans in this case, i guess you can say used Tarzans whiteness for their cause- if you understand what I’m saying which is basically why Sam character approachs Tarzan in the first place, he knows,how these white people think basically and fought in the civil war. so he knows to get these whites do what he needs them to do, he knows that he needs to put a white face on it.

    My favorite part how ever is the scene with Tarzan and the Opar chief, that exchange of dialogue was beautiful done and i love the ending when i guess you can say tarzan finally decides who he is and wants to be.

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    1. I think I’m gonna wait to watch it on cable, tho’. I’m sure it has some interesting moments, and I’m not above watching Skarsgard with his shirt off, but I’m on a budget and that’s not one of the movies that made it onto my roster of films.

      I did watch a lot of Tarzam movies as a kid because my Mom was a fan of Johnny Weismuller ,and we watched them together. Since then I’ve watched all the other iterations too. i think the best of them was Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan. I really enjoyed that one.

      I didnt like the cartoon version much, tho’.


  2. jennnanigans

    For some reason, PZ Myers’ blog is blocked on my filter at work. I’ve no idea why, but I am making this comment so I remember to come back and read the post.

    I haven’t seen the new movie and while a small, dumb part of me wants to watch gorillas fight and Skarsgard run around without a shirt on for 2 hours, I am also aware of the problematic nature of the source material. I def agree with the headline!

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    1. The article is mostly discussing the very, very problematic nature of the source material. The very foundation of the story is made from the assumption of white supremacy, so everything that follows from that is just horribly wrong. PZ argues that there’s no way you can make a good adaptation of this story.

      Ikind of disagree a tiny bit. There’s a way it could be told because The Jungle Book is a similar story and that one seems to work.

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