Review: Red Right Hand – Levi Black

Charlie is set upon by three large skinless dogs in her house, but is saved by a man in a living black coat, who calls himself The Crawling Chaos. He also claims that Charlie is a descendant of Lovecraft, that her boyfriend is a descendant of cultists who worship the Old Gods, which makes him  susceptible to being mentally enslaved by the bad guy.  Mr. Chaos mentally takes Charlie’s boyfriend, Daniel, hostage and tasks her to complete one job for him, after which he’ll set her, and Daniel, free.

I’d like to tell you how this book ended but I didn’t finish it. I simply couldn’t read any further. This book contains every annoying trope that made me stop reading Paranormal YA novels, which featured snarky young,  White women,  who reluctantly become heroes.


Who this book is aimed at:

Young women aged 16- 30

Who love lots of gore and horror movies, or just think that kind of stuff is edgy

Who are independent living with possible boyfriends

Women who consider Twilight to be a little light reading

Who love Anne Rice but wishes there was more blood in it

Who are new fans of H.P. Lovecraft

Who have taken up Martial Arts as a hobby

Women who consider themselves spunky and/or snarky


Why I didn’t care for this book:

I am none of the above.

I hated Twilight. For me those books weren’t worth reading. I mostly tried to pretend they didn’t exist.

I liked Anne Rice, when I was a teenager. I’m pretty much over her now.

I’m not actually a Lovecraft fan, although I have read a Helluva lot of Lovecraftian type fiction. I am not new at it.

I’m considerably older than thirty and hence had no patience for the voice of the primary character in this book. It was just annoying to me.

I feel like this books was heavily over-written. Its’ certainly over-descriptive. I like description. Its not a bad thing. It is a bad thing when there is waaay too much of it. It reads like that friend who is deeply enthusiastic about some subject, about which you don’t care, but they refuse to shut up.

There was a moment of tension when Charlie was first attacked by the dogs mentioned on the book flap, but I’m an old hand at horror novels, and this wasn’t particularly scary for me. If you’re an experienced Horror reader, this may not be the book for you.


This book is great for younger readers who are much less jaded than me. It gets 3/5 stars because a good effort was made to be scary. I’m just not the audience for it.


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