Ghostbusters Review: Leslie Jones, You Deserve Better

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I like to keep y’all gagging for more. So every 6 months or so, I swing by the Zoo with a sarcastic review of some mediocre movie I’ve had the displeasure of watching.

Today, ladies and gents, that movie is Ghostbusters.

Not the original, obviously. No…unfortunately, it’s the crappy remake. Melissa McCarthy (ew), Kate McKinnon (❤), Kristen Wiig, and Leslie Jones all spearhead the cast for this reboot taking on the oh-so-wonderful mantle of being THE Ghostbusters.

Or you know, poor imitations. Whatevs.

giphyHere’s the thing y’all: despite the myriad of problems I had with this movie (and believe me, there is a myriad. An entire buffet full. Like I could feed the 5000, with the problems I had with this movie), the one problem that remains the worst is the absolute butchering of Leslie Jones’ character, Patty.

Why, you ask?


Because she was a trope.

She was…

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4 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Review: Leslie Jones, You Deserve Better

  1. SapphireYagami

    i didn’t see anything wrong with the film, every actor to me did well in there roles. In terms of the females as forming the ghostbusters, Melissa McCarthy I saw as the heart of the group because its clear room when she is first introduce, that she has a passion for it. The physics lady is the one wjo believes in ghost but due to her parents not believing her and then being put in therapy has to prove they are real, the quirky chick is to me a fun but a bit too much fun in terms of her devices like she realky loves her toys but clearly they are dangerous (nuke on the car really?) lelsie is street smart, she has the knowledge they need and the assuming she was there for chinese food shouldn’t be a suprise. How many white people do you know has ever seen black people deal8ng with any paranormal activity? 0 most black don’t even listen to rock music because they see it as devil worship. So them assume she was there for chinese food wasn’t a big deal to meod

    The thing with Chris is not new, how many men hire beautiful woman solely on looks alone? plenty so merdy chick want Kevin based on his looks while it is clear that he is a dumb blond is also not suprising. the concert scene also not suprising- it was clearly a race thing hence why it was pointed out,again not many blacks listen to metal nor go to concerts plus some metals are probably racist given what i have seen of various metals are for white power that i expected. Overall Leslie character is how I expected her to act, a bblack woman who is willing to save her city even though she knows she is scared shitless and would rathet be home. there is a scene where she says ‘if the twins from the shining show up, im outta here’ . Blacks dont mess around with hauntings, ghost, ouja boards, witchcraft or occult. we just dont because why play around with stuff like that, i mean white people can play with that shit all they want but when they asses get possessed or die then they wanna cry.


    1. Its obvious you don’t know anything about black women. I know plenty of black women who listen to rock and metal. I’m one of them. (I love Rock and know the genre very well.) This movie was okay with you because it was full of stereotypes like black women not listening to rock music, that you were okay with.

      Well ,these stereotypes are not and never will be okay wit h me.

      You can like the movie if you want to, but there’s nothing you can say to convince me that one more contribution to the stereotype of black women is okay, when that’s all we ever get in mainstream movies.

      I get that that’s what people are used to and so they may not have a problem with seeing the stereotype one more time, but I’m not satisfied with it.

      My argument is that its time for Hollywood to start presenting different pictures of black women outside of stereotypes that have led you to believe that we don’t listen to rock music (when we helped to invent rock music – look up Big Momma Thornton, who was the original singer of Elvis Presley’s Hound Dog.)


      1. SapphireYagami

        i am a black woman myself , also that is a small group of blacks who listen to rock or metal. i went a lacuna coil concert, there was 9 blacks there so yes majority of rock and metal is listen by whites and yes many blacks see it as the devils music which is understandable when you hear all the growling in some of the genres.


      2. I don’t agree. I think there may be more than you think because its not something that black people who are interested in rock music put out there because other black people bother them about it. I know I got harassed about it a few times. I don’t think its rare. I just think we keep quiet about it. (I was mostly thinking in terms of Classic Rock. Who don’t listen to some Rolling Stones or Chuck Berry?)

        I do listen to Metal (I’m a huge Motorhead fan), but while Metal listeners may be rare, there are Black people out performing it.

        But really, my post wasn’t about hating Patty. I think I’m gonna have to do a post clarifying my feeling about this.

        Its okay if you like her. I’ve heard from a bunch of people that she’s a very likable character. Heck, I know people just like Patty and love ’em to def. But my problem isn’t her likability/ My problem is how she’s treated in the movie and her depiction.

        Okay, now I gotta do a post on Black performers of Hard Rock music.

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