persistent bernie/stein supporters ignoring the concerns that we raise about a probable trump presidency if we don’t unite to vote for hillary i think is a symptom of the underlying motivation behind a lot of social justice and activist activity on the internet

it’s not about change, it’s not about improving the lives of other people, it’s about adopting the most visibly progressive platform to place yourself as morally and ethically superior to your peers

i saw a post that was like, people who are able to throw their vote away on a third party or write-in, or abstain from voting at all, have a specific privilege that allows them to be uninvested in the real dangers that a trump presidency imposes on people’s lives. so they get to make Symbolic votes because the outcome doesn’t truly effect them. 

The outcome doesn’t affect them …or their kids. I have children I love, nieces and nephews of color, who will have to live in any world created by Trump. I absolutely will try to avoid subjecting them to that type of world. I’m thinking beyond whether or not I like Hilary. I don’t like her, but I want my nieces and nephews to at least have a chance at reaching adulthood. 

Why? Because I love them.

Remember that old phrase we used to make fun of…”But what about the children?”