Rihanna Joins the Final Season of ‘Bates Motel’


4 thoughts on “Rihanna Joins the Final Season of ‘Bates Motel’

  1. “Oh na na.” What’s her name?

    Iris, Marion, Iron.

    We takin ovah!

    I was so happy when I learned this. Love me some Rih and she’s just taking over the world.

    Those sneaky bastards! This is about the only thing they could do to get me to watch season 5 of Bates Motel (gave up the show after the penultimate episode of season 4) and they pulled off a miracle.

    It’s an excellent show and Vera and Freddie need Emmys, STAT.

    I gave up, not because the show became bad but I because wasn’t ready for the shock of them killing an essential character so early in the game. Okay season 4 is not early, but I didn’t think they would kill the character until at least the middle of season 5.

    Sigh. Now I have to watch the S4 finale that’s been sitting abandoned on my laptop. Good job guys. Well done. She’s about the ONLY person who could have made me watch this show again.

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    1. I started off watching it but then got swamped by other shows and kept falling asleep on them. After a while I gave up trying to keep up. But I’m sure I can get back in the groove easily enough for Riri.

      Uhmm…you know that in canon, Crane gets killed, right?

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