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Oh, the irony!

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Customer relations stories are always funny, unless you’re in them, in which case, NO!
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tonight a customer tried to return one of those tv boxes that also allows you view a bunch a channels.

there was clearly shipping info marked on the outside of the box but the address had been ripped off.

he said he bought it off the shelf like that. sure

He doesn’t have a receipt

of course he paid cash. again. sure

I started to do the return for store credit and low and behold he would get like 80 bucks back for this thing.

Per our store policy (which changes often regarding returns because of scamming ass customers). We have to notify security for any returns without receipt or card over 40 dollars.

I told the customer that and all of a sudden now he wants to know where the batteries are.  :: side eye intensifies::

security comes and dude is now making up stories. saying someone else bough it. “She” didn’t tell him that the remote was missing (security found several items weren’t in the box including the remote)

the security guard tells him we need all the items that came with the unit to do the return.

meanwhile me and my coworkers are watching this shit like


okay. 2 stories.

story one was when I worked at a garden center. we had this lady who scrutizined every single plant in our greenhouse. she’d always try to return the plants she’d inevitably kill. my favorite was when she brought up a hibiscus that had a single yellow leaf on it. she demanded we giver her half off. my manager who was just so tired of her bullshit, pulled the leaf off and said, “now it’s full price.” like, this woman was so shocked… it was great. she harumphed out of the store muttering how she would never shop here again. lol

second story… when I worked at barnes and noble for a very brief time. we had this white middle class looking dude come in with like fifteen or twenty paperbacks. all of them were just busted the fuck up. like cracked spines, various and sundry stains, ripped and dog eared pages, and most of them had no covers at all. Now, no covers in the bookselling biz means that the paperbacks had been damaged out and were not for resale, which means this dude dumpster dived. anyway, he comes in and tries to get a refund for these books. no receipt, of course. he gets really loud and rowdy when I tell him no. demands…. DEMANDSSSS to see my manager. manager comes up and tells him that the books have to be in saleable condition and that not one of his books qualify. he goes on huffing and puffing and being loud about wanting a refund until we threaten to call security… and he eventually slinks off. to this day I can’t even believe he tried that shit. like, really??? really, dude????

that’s that bullshit

One of my last retail jobs was at a Hot Topic that had been a Claire’s at some point which meant there were mirrors everywhere. So I watched this grown woman & her daughter come in with two emptyish bags, walk around picking up merch. They took turns trying stuff on, and started slipping things into the bags. We didn’t say anything, just called mall security because we thought they were going to try to shoplift. Nope, they came up front & tried to “return” the stuff in the bags for store credit so they could buy the stuff they tried on. Bold as hell, but they dropped it really quick when we pointed at the mirrors & started rattling off when they stole each thing. They left empty handed & really really pissed.

If you’ve heard about what happened to Leslie Jones on Twitter, then this is a good thing:
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