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Okay, this is an example of what direction my humor likes to go:

karnythia counterftnoire
“ sorchaception:
“ shorm:
“ This is supposed to be motivating, but mostly it just… comes off as slightly threatening.
Just do it. Run. Because of what’s out there. Right beHIND YOU DID YOU NOT HEAR ME RUN
” ”



This is supposed to be motivating, but mostly it just… comes off as slightly threatening.

Just do it. Run. Because of what’s out there. Right beHIND YOU DID YOU NOT HEAR ME RUN

Source: mindy-fit
General Star Trek Geekery. I can’t wait to see what Bryna Fuller is going to do with all these shows he’s running. American Gods, Season 4 Hannibal possibilities, and this:
bonearenaofmyskull vi0lentquiche



Netflix is now set to stream episodes of Bryan Fuller & Alex Kurtzman‘s intensely anticipated new Star Trek series in 188 countries around the world, excluding USA and Canada.

This is prime clapback right here:

anonymous asked:

Since you’re such a smart ass what exactly did black women invent? I answer that. Nothing!

blackgirlsreverything answered:

Melania Trump’s speech…


Racist shit happening to Leslie Jones on Twitter. Twitter is generally for shit anyway but this is a perfect storm of trifling. They’re not harassing Leslie because of her role in the movie, they are harassing her because she was in the movie at all, and slamming her for her looks. She’s a perfect example of “misogynoir”, (and intersectional racism) receiving harassment not JUST for being a woman but for being a “Black woman”.

‘Ghostbusters’ star Leslie Jones exposes racist harassment on Twitter

On Monday afternoon, the Ghostbusters star and Saturday Night Live cast member tweeted that she was tired of receiving constant harassing messages with overt racist and sexist imagery. Jones announced that she was going to stop blocking her Twitter harassers so that their tweets and comments could be seen publicly in order to expose their offensive nature. Almost immediately, her fans sprung into action. 


zyxt13 asked:

Re: the ask about Leslie Jones, it’s my understanding it started after Milo Y (Breitbart) posted a review of the new movie. His underlings almost immediately began harassing Ms. Jones on twitter after it was published.


lmfao whats going on with leslie is why i cant stand nerds and nerd sympathy.. there is such a misconception about quiet people who are into geek stuff being automatically kind/welcoming/misunderstood etc but thats some pure doo doo lmao. nerds can be just as racist, malicious and gross as anybody else and if you think i’m gonna give somebody the benefit of the doubt because they’re quiet then you wrong. just because they’re too damp and sweaty to call me a nigger to my face doesn’t mean they wont send it to me on anon when they get home


Listen, Ghostbusters passes every test I can think of for the treatment of women in media.

Bechdel Test: All the women have a lot of conversations about things other than men. Like ghosts, and cadavers, and technobabble.

Sexy Lamp Test: None of the women can be replaced by a sexy lamp and have the plot remain intact.

Mako Mori Test: All the women have a narrative arc about busting ghosts and gaining respect, with the separate arc of Erin and Abby re-gaining their friendship, and neither arc supports a man’s story.

Furiosa Test: The movie pissed off manbabies on the internet.

Basically, this movie is a gift.

I am a HUGE fan of the Furiosa Test.

But isn’t the Mako Mori test explicitly about non-white people?? As in, Mako and Stacker having a relationship arc that was completely independent of a white character??

The Mako test is about women of color. The examples above (“all the women,” two white women) don’t demonstrate that it passes Mako. The Mako test is passed when a woman of color has her own independent arc. I’m not saying Ghostbusters doesn’t pass Mako, but does it actually pass Mako?



How about black women. How about Leslie being used only for street smarts and clearly being distinguished from the rest of the group. The representation of white women was great but everybody is neglecting the fact that Leslie is BLACK 😱 and she is being used as the token black woman who is only used for comedic relief/ only seen as useful when they need street smarts. Racism and sexism intertwine when it comes to black women and all of you guys just choose to pick one to pay attention to, neglecting the fact that there is so much more that the black woman has to go through.

I want to like this movie and I wish I could be excited about it as so many of my white friends are, but I’m just so tired of White Feminism ™️ telling me to wait my turn and be happy with subpar representation because “hey, at least some women are represented”.

I’m tired of fandom feminism beginning and ending with “these white women get to be pretty and witty badasses” without any deeper looks at what it means to make black characters like Patty an outsider or sidekick from the start or how the jokes she’s given largely drop the ball on race.

If you liked this movie, okay. Whatever. But please don’t act like it’s striking this big blow for feminist representation when it’s really freaking not.

Source: screechthemightyI consider the op an intersectionality failBecause seriously misogynoir is a thing hereI need people to do their research


i mean girl representation is cool and all but i dont like how they treated leslie jones’ character…only helpful for street smarts. they continue to do black characters dirty and its why i cant get behind the new ghostbusters (or any ghostbusters for that matter i jus dont like the series).

in the trailer it was clear 2 see how the rest of them were portrayed as ‘smart’ (well their intelligence being more in line with white supremacy’s affinity to the sciences and math and all that shit) and how they contrasted leslie to the rest as simply comic relief as if she isn’t to be taken seriously because shes a darkskinned black woman. being heavily stereotyped isnt a step towards diversity and i wish people would actually look at some valid criticisms abt the movie because at the end of the day theres no good representation for anybody but white gorls

ernie hudson’s chracter in the original ghostbusters was scripted as an air force demolition expert before casting..after casting the script was changed to remove that portion of his character and have him show up at page 68 and they pretty much did the same to leslie’s character. i dont see this movie as some typa win whatsoever and it shouldn’t be counted as a win if it blatantly excludes black characters and drenches them in racist tropes & biases.

u can like the movie but at least recognize whats wrong with it. jus stop acting as if it was anything more than white feminism really

On Ghostbusters, Leslie Jones, and White Feminism


The Whole  Taylor Swift Thing, explained:
And Sublime Zoo’s hilarious dragging:
Then there’s shit that’s just deeply deeply funny:
themethodblue jeremiebrett



straight people will try so hard to erase anything gay you can have two boys rolling around in the grass and they gotta explain it like:

Just bros being grass inspectors.

karnythia madgastronomer



If I were to ever write any kind of urban/modern magic story, the one piece of worldbuilding that would be non-negotiable for me would be the background presence of a public broadcasting show that is an almost exact replica of The Joy of Painting, but instead it’s The Joy of Summoning.

Just half-hour installments teaching you some different techniques for summoning monsters, malevolent spirits, and even minor demigods, in a gentle and instructional way.  There’s a warlock with a fro and a soft voice encouraging you that, contrary to what people think, you don’t have to spend half your life in mage school to summon a demon; all you need is the right tools, a little practice, and a nightmarish vision in your heart.  You don’t need to be cursed by a dark entity upon birth: anyone can do it!

“Now, let’s make a happy little blood circle on the floor, just like this.  Don’t think about it, don’t measure it out.  Doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be big enough to hold the hell portal later on.  Once we’ve done that we can add some black candles right here, all around it.  Look at that!  See how easy that is?”

“We always use the same materials, every week.  The names of the items you’ll need for this particular ritual are gonna appear right there at the bottom of the screen.  If you want to, you can perform a summoning right along with us, or just relax and watch for now.”

“Remember that this is your world, in your world you can create anything that you desire.” (I didn’t even make that one up that is just a straight-up quote from The Joy of Painting)

“Make sure you don’t mix that graveyard dirt and blood of an innocent too much, otherwise you’re gonna lose that texture which is so important.  See how I’ve done it just here?  You want it to be still be clumpy when you smear it on the mirror. Juuuust like that.  Perfect.”



Hang the fuck on. Are you telling me that isn’t how people remember the show already? Or how Bob’s eyes would have that occasional flash of sulfurous red to them every now and again as he looked into the camera?


My friends and I wrote a bunch of fake want ads and turned it into a newspaper. See the whole paper here.

And one of my all time favorite comebacks:

2 thoughts on “Just General Tumblring

  1. Yeah, that last one totally cracks me up every time I think about it. I think it’s the word “hijab”. For some reason, I don’t expect Muslim women to have attitude, even though all the Muslim women I’ve ever met were always refreshingly direct and forthright in their demeanor.

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  2. LMAOOOOO @ “you gon like anything I pull out of this hijab”!!!!

    I love that there’s a Furiosa test.

    I don’t and never will support Leslie Jones for the way she responded to Black women’s concerns when it came to her slavery rape jokes. I will however, always defend a woman who’s being harassed for the simple fact that she is a Black woman. I was surprised how many celebrities showed their support on Twitter. They usually don’t like to get ‘involved’. If Twitter found a way to suspend Azaelia Banks account after she came for white people, I for sure except them to banish those racist trolls from the platform. Let’s see if they bother * side eye *

    Won’t be seeing Ghostbusters either, but that’s another conversation altogether. Good on them for hiring an all-female, diverse cast. My congratulations stop here.

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