‘Hate Begets Hate’ is a Lazy Ass Silencing Tactic



In light of the last week’s events, I found myself reading
through a bunch of comments online regarding racism and police brutality.
Conversations can go a variety of ways, but I’ve noticed a consistent rhetoric
being spread around online after the murders of 5 police officers in Dallas.

“Hate begets hate.”

“Violence begets violence.”

People of all races often throw out these phrases whenever
an act of violence occurs, such as the Dallas shooting. On a superficial level,
this sounds like a really simple sentiment to stand behind. It makes perfect
sense. You cannot expect to hurt someone and have them not strike back.  I would agree with this sentiment. It’s also
why I find what Micah Xavier Johnson did to not be a surprise.

After hundreds of years of oppression and violence on black
bodies, some form of retaliation was bound to occur.

The use of these of phrases may seemingly be profound, but I
find them to be overused and extremely lazy when it comes to discussing the
relationship between the oppressed and their oppressors.

Usually, these statements are said in an attempt to silence
those who speak out on any form of racism enacted upon them. For some reason,
people often equate someone being vocal about their experience with racism to
being hateful.

It’s said to placate black people who are loud and
unapologetic about the abuses they face. It’s easy to let a loud, angry black
person know, “hate begets hate,” because it allows white people to put
themselves in the same position of victimhood that they tell us we claim too

It’s easy to tell someone “hate begets hate” because it’s
easier push a narrative that all people are hated equally and therefore should
respond to violence and hate equally.

It’s easy to tell someone “violence begets violence” when violence
hasn’t been systematic and deliberately carried out against you because of your

How the fuck come when I’m angry and yelling loud about my
oppression, I am automatically be construed as hateful? Why is the reason for
my anger, my tears & my anxiety entirely glossed over and discarded because
it comes off as “mean”?

It is a silencing tactic and I am not here for it.

Please get the fuck out of my face with that rhetoric just
so you can dismiss my real, valid feelings.

Every day I have to live and attempt to thrive in an
environment not built for me that enacts different forms of violence and aggression on me DAILY and I will not be silenced for your comfort.

Miss me with that shit.

New blog post, friends!

Basically, if you run over and stamp on my foot, and I holler, “"Stop It!”

That’s not hatred!

That’s me telling you to stop hurting me. How is that hatred against you?