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Alright, we have all had a very harrowing week, so its time for some Tumblr silliness.

One of the most frustrating things about Tumblr is if something comes across your dashboard, you need to mark it, save it, like it,  or preserve it very quickly because you may, or may not, ever see it again. Its one of the reason I’ve started posting these things on this blog. Its a very real possibility that even if you visited these spaces you wouldn’t be able to find these posts.  Tumblr isn’t quite like other blogs where you can just find things by typing it in. Although people do tag stuff, that’s not always reliable, either.

*Well, anyway, I hope this little gifset illuminates a tiny bit of your gloom today, giving  you a giggle, the way it did for me.


*Oh, the sheer MFing irony of this tweet. She is lucky people didn’t come and snatch them edges. (Asian Americans   are just waaay too nice to her.) Don’t get me wrong, I love me some ScarJo, but this was just totally tone-deaf, on her part.

Hey Scarlett! There might be more  diversity if you’d quit taking those roles, dear! Just sayin’!




*Oh, more irony here. Remember Tomi Lahren. She’s got a helluva lot to say about black criminality. Well, someone on Twitter snatched the f*** out them edges:

Remember Tomi Lahren? 

The 23 year old right wing republican nut job that claimed Beyoncé’s Super Bowl performance was “prejudice against cops” and “racist”? The same one that argued the MURDER of Alton Scott was warranted? Well tonight thanks to Black Twitter’s “@Yauniexo” (click her name to follow on twitter), she was exposed and it is VERY INTERESTING to say the least. She ended her exposé by posting Tomi’s parents SD address! I chose not to include that tweet for legal reasons. 




*And I found this article here, becasue of course, Twitter made sure to remove these particular tweets, but not before people took photos. So I am signal boosting here:

Is Tomi Lahren REALLY The Right Voice for White Moral Outrage?


“What kind of woman doesn’t have an axe?”


*This is a really, really important message, with charts and graphs and everything. I too love Sam Wilson. If you ain’t here for some Sam Wilson love, I will fight-chu!

good morning I love sam wilson


Good afternoon, me too.

good evening, just checking in, I still love sam wilson, you? good. sam wilson though. I mean, wow. sam. wilson.


salutations i’m just poping in to agree. sam wilson. what a great. just. how wonderful it is to live in a world with sam wilson in it. i love sam wilson.

these are all excellent points, thank you. sam wilson is also excellent. e x c e l l e n t. I am thankful for him also.

But have you stopped to consider…Sam Wilson?  Gosh Sam Wilson is the greatest.

A lot of really compelling work here. Thought it might be useful, for those of you who may be visual learners, to look at a chart that lays out how much I love Sam Wilson.


*But the most important thing of all time is:





















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