Caption This!

I’m just putting this here. Every time I see this bird I just get the giggles. I’ve been giggling since I saw it. (Ah! Those quiet moments of joy!) I think I’m going to be tickled by this image for years to come. In my head I kept singing the theme to Darkwing Duck.

Anyway, feel free to write a caption for this fella (or gal) in the comments section. I’ll choose the one that makes me laugh the hardest. You won’t win anything but the knowledge that your humor glands are in fine condition, but it’ll be fun.

Oh, if anyone knows what type of bird this is, please let us all know. I got no idea. I swear to Gob, if this is bird is called a Blue Hood, I will smack everybody with joy!

Otherwise, I’ll just make up a name for him.

(Probably Damien Wayne.)


Caption: You done fucked up, now!


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