please ask your followers to find and report these men

The first one clearly works at the Kansas city police department and literally threatened the life a black child that’s really fucking amazing. here’s his facebook page x I can’t get a good enough look at his badge to get the badge number but I’m assuming his first and last name should be enough

Their administrative number is 


The second one is gonna be a bit harder since they didn’t make the snap and their last name is blocked out for whatever reason. 

to me it looks like he’s currently working for the Overland Park police department, which is a suburb of KC. Most departments around here have a rule that you have to live in the community you serve. I had to dig to find the complaint process but here’s the number I found:

Police Dispatch: (913) 895-6300 (Please request a Police Supervisor)

here is more about their complaint procedure:

here’s an update: the OPPD are looking into it. and he deactivated his facebook.

what the actual fuck

The article says, as of 4:35 PM today (7/8/16), the guys been fired.