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*News about Season 4 of Sleepy Hollow. Apparently they are absolutely determined to do this, I guess.

In maybe an act of defiance (given how fans reacted to the exit of star Nicole Beharie at the end of the most recent season), Fox surprisingly renewed “Sleepy Hollow” for a 4th season, despite low ratings, and the loss of a fan favorite character.

I shared my surprise when Fox announced in March of last year that it had renewed the series for a third season, given the sharp drop in ratings the series suffered from season 1 to season 2. For example, its season 1 premiere drew over 10 million viewers, while its season 2 premiere episode drew half of that number, at just over 5 million viewers – a 50% drop. And season 2 ratings only got worse as it progressed, leading to its season finale at the end of February of 2015, which drew just over 4 million viewers during its time slot. And by the end of its most recent season – number 3 – its draw was under 3 million viewers.

In fact, it was the network’s lowest-rated veteran drama this past season, and yet, Fox remained committed to the series. It could also simply be a move to make the series a more attractive property for syndication or streaming, with an added season.

So who’s coming back? Per the Fox press release, Tom Mison, Lyndie Greenwood, Lance Gross and Jessica Camacho.

As for the story, the network says it will focus on “the search for truth about the lives of Witnesses.”

I’m sure that means something to fans of the series (I haven’t watched it since the first season)…

Today, TVLine has learned that Beharie’s character will indeed be replaced – something that wasn’t entirely certain as of the announcement of her exit a few months ago. Crane will get a new leading lady for the upcoming 4th season of “Sleepy Hollow” named Anna, who is described as “a raging supernatural skeptic,” who, per the casting breakdown, “creates conflicts with Crane.” Kind of like Beharie’s Abbie Mills character, right?

In addition, Anna will be a single mother of and 11-year-old daughter named Stella, and a former military officer who recently began working in the Secret Service’s “Basement” which is “a low-priority ‘X-Files’-like” division of the agency, the report states.

She’s further described as “a tough, take-charge personality, punctuated by a wry sense of humor… a born leader [with]has a softer, more caring side which she rarely shows..” She’s also fiercely devoted to her kid – “a protective instinct Crane respects and appreciates.”

Of course I’m sure a first question you all are asking is whether the actress cast for the part will be black as well, since Beharie is a black woman. Per the report, producers are casting “a wide, ethnically diverse net” in their search for a 30-something year old actress (or an actress who can play 30-something), the age range of the character.

Casting “a wide ethnically diverse net” could mean a number of things, so I wouldn’t automatically expect that the actress who will be eventual cast, will be of African descent. Keep in mind that she’s not Abbie Mills, Jenny Mills’ sister; this is an entirely new character.

With “Sleepy Hollow” season 4 set to air beginning in early 2017, as a mid-season replacement, filming has to begin soon, so expect a casting announcement shortly. [x]


*And the expected reaction:

*And a bonus article:

Bonus: The Bait & Switch “A lot of these shows RESENT their diverse fan base; they RESENT their diverse cast.”

*I think I wrote on this topic before, about the “bait and switch” of some genre shows which start out with a diverse cast to attract certain demographics, and once the show has been established, after a couple of years, the creators  destroy their own shows, kill off the characters of color and start replacing them with white characters. This young lady hits all the high points.


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  1. SMH. Sleepy Hollow starting out as campy and FUN, with great chemistry between Abbie and Ichabod and between Abbie and Jenny (Lyndie is badass and sexy af). Abbie is the key in both of those rich relationship and in my view, was the star. You could also see it as a buddy show Abbie/Ichabod, but never Ichabod alone. But actually I was most enjoying Abbie and Jenny; I’m a sucker for a sister dynamic. It could have been rich territory to explore–both charismatic beautiful brilliant women who are family but who are very different (one law and order and one rebellious) but both powerful women. They cannot see eye-to-eye on supernatural phenomena or how to deal with their challenges, but are both irretrievably intertwined in the same fight against evil, and they love each other dearly. See? Cool!

    During the second season my enthusiasm just kinda died a slow death. I stopped watching because of the WRITING, not because of Abbie. It got so scattered and boring because of the awful plot directions , and that is normally decided by show runners. And the relationships I liked were neglected. And that’s the WRITING. Not the acting, ffs. So basically, I don’t trust these peoples’ judgement and the ratings dive was on THEM not on Nicole. It’s just a shame. It had the makings of a favorite show. The diverse cast was also a big draw (besides the sisters, you had John Cho and Orlando Jones yessss). But if they’re just gonna crap all over their storylines and throw them away, what’s the point??

    I’m glad to see that Orlando Jones had a major win (cast in American Gods! I can’t wait!) and I hope the same for Nicole.

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    1. Indeed! I’ll be happy to transfer my allegiance to whatever show Nicole is going to be starring in next.

      I’m already there for American Gods because its a Bryan Fuller project, and he already proved his dedication to colorblind casting and diversity in Hannibal.

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      1. There have been rumors that he may cast Angela Bassett for the new Star Trek show. If that happens, I am going to quit my job and dedicate my life full time to it. Star Trek was my first TV fandom and Angela Bassett is one of our most criminally underused actresses. So basically, I’ll be able to die happy. Dramatic? Perhaps. LOL!

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      2. If Angela plays a Captain on the show, I will …well I do to now what I’ll do because ST always was my first religion, anyway.

        I’ll have to think up some kind of devotional activity to show my love.

        Imma need my job, though.

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