I can’t believe I still have to ask you all to not reblog the video of a man getting killed. Please respect black people, even in their deaths.

Why is it disrespectful though? The whole world needs to wake up to the reality of the situation. Some people don’t believe things to the extent they deserve until they see it with their own eyes. The video is the one thing that might actually get those fucking pigs this time. 

I understand if you personally don’t want to see such graphic content for whatever reasons, but we gotta get his story out there.

It’s disrespectful because every time a black person dies, we have to see their deaths put on public forums with no type of viewer discretion. The fact that I’ve seen a young boy’s body lying in the street with a pool of blood extending from his carcass, a man get choked to death on the street while he pleaded for his life, and now I gotta see a man get shot at point blank range, all real life events and not snuff shit, is unacceptable. It has been proven by studies all the time that people in society don’t empathize with black people’s pain, and I honestly think that’s why everyone is so okay with just watching a death and then scrolling about afterward. But I’ve seen people die in real time, and the silence in the air after a person goes limp in reality is the same to me behind a screen. So many of you act as though it’s a necessity to see someone’s death to believe that we’re dying. It isn’t. It never should be, and it never will. You can reblog the story without the video.

It’s like this, Tumblr:

Don’t force Black folks to watch lynchings.

Ask yourself if you would you enjoy it if snuff films kept showing up in your feeds?