How to Get on Food Stamps/SNAP/EBT


i know there’s a lot of tumblr users who are struggling to feed themselves/their families so I’ve put together a resource post to help people apply for SNAP. 

What is SNAP?

  • Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) used to be called food stamps. It’s a USA federal program that gives money to help poor people pay for monthly food needs. It’s a federal program, meaning it’s available everywhere in the US, but it’s handled by individual state governments. EBT, SNAP, and food stamps all refer to the same thing. 

How Does SNAP Work?

  • It’s very simply. You apply online and, if eligible, you then have a phone interview where you just confirm all the info you already told them, and you usually have to show them proof of income (like pay stubs). 
  • Once accepted, you get an EBT card (it looks like a credit card) and at the beginning of every month a set amount of money is added to you account. The amount you get depends on things like income, family size, etc. 
  • You can then buy groceries anywhere that accepts EBT, pretty much every large supermarket and many smaller ones as well. EBT can only be used for “cold food”, so nothing from the hot deli section. 
  • EBT money stays in your account forever, so if you don’t spend everything this month you can use it next month. 

Who is Eligible for SNAP?

  • Eligibility is determined by considering you income, your savings, and expenses (rent, utilities). You check your eligibility here (all states) and get more info on eligibility here. The application is quick and simple. 
  • They way they calculate it is kinda confusing but you’re generally eligible if you make less than ~$1,500/month and I’d say it’s worth it to apply if you make less than ~$2,000/month (these are for single adults). 
  • You can get EBT even if you aren’t a citizen!!! 

How Do I Apply?

  • A master list of online applications for all states can be found here.

I hope this covers the basics. If there’s info that would be helpful but isn’t on here please let me know. Honestly apply even if you don’t think you’re eligible it’s very worth it. 

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