I really am liking this song (and the lyrics)  from the trailer for Star Trek Beyond. I love a good power ballad and this actually makes me want to go see the movie.

I’m a huge Star Trek fan ,but not a big fan of Rihanna. I  know some of her songs because, when you have very young siblings, you absorb some Pop culture by osmosis, otherwise I probably  wouldn’t know who she was.

Anyway, I guess Imma gone down and see this movie, instead of Bourne, which looks like a repeat of the other Bourne films, even though I really like those.


And the original song, which I believe existed before the movie, and that Abrams and company simply grabbed up and attached to their project:


I like the special effects in the second video. I could do without some of the outre dancing moves, but the clothing, makeup and effects are interesting.



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