Hollywood’s Problems

This is just another problem in a long list of issues Hollywood has with depicting PoC. For those of you who don’t remember the movie No Escape starring Owen Wilson, here’s some  reviews to refresh you.

Review: ‘No Escape’ is a suspenseful but borderline racist thriller

‘No Escape’ Reviews: Critics Call Owen Wilson’s Actioner ‘Racist,’ ‘Cliche-Ridden,’ ‘Monotonous’

6 Reasons There’s No Escape From Hollywood Racism

And the Impossible, starring Naomi Watts:




And this is a review of Hollywood’s latest debacle starring Blake Lively. I do notice these types of films seems to star Hollywood’s best second raters.

Yet another white lady in jeopardy: “The Shallows” and Hollywood’s empathy gap

In movies like this, the suffering of local people of color takes a back seat to the plight of Caucasian outsiders



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