Hi! I saw the post you responded to someone talking about lord of the rings and I’m just kinda confused at how you ended the post! From what I got the post you wrote was about the fact that there were poc in medieval times as well as other eras. I’m wondering the way that crosses over with dragons? I didn’t read it all, so maybe I did miss something. Sorry if that’s the case, you can just ignore this. I’m just genuinely curious how they correlate. Thanks!


Do you mean this post?

The “DRAGONS AREN’T REAL” underscores how absolutely ridiculous it is that some people are so invested in “everyone HAS to be white” fantasy fiction, that they seriously expect 40+ academic sources and links before they’ll stop getting their racism all over SFF fandoms.

The idea that people of color, and accurate representation IN FANTASY FICTION especially, is somehow subject to “historical accuracy” is silly enough on its own. Medievalpoc exists because pointing that out seems to do little or nothing in the face of willful ignorance, and an active, malicious desire to justify racist exclusion as “just a historical fact”.

Pointing out that humans have imaginations that they can really do anything they like with seems to do very little to fight the pervasive white supremacy that infests most SFF fandoms and creative endeavors, and so I have been laboriously compiling evidence that just about any person of color can feel 100% “historically accurate” at the renfaire, cosplaying, making art or fiction or historical fiction, or really doing whatever the heck they want without being harassed or attacked. That comment was to show how sad it is that this is even necessary at all, but I’m doing it because I’m able to, and so other people don’t have to and can just get on with being awesome.

Maybe what you missed was that the original post was about LORD OF THE RINGS, a fantasy franchise, and that the majority of people are willing to entertain the concept that dragons are more credible and need less justification for inclusion in FANTASY FICTION than people who aren’t white.

And I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing until “historical accuracy” is no longer a shield that racists (who can only imagine white people doing anything worthwhile or having interesting stories) can hide behind, and all that’s left for them to say is “Everyone’s white only because I wanted them to be, and what does that say about me and what I value?”

Until I stop hearing whining about “artistic freedoms being stifled by diversity” because guess what? YOU ALREADY HAVE THAT FREEDOM, and people are criticizing what you did with that freedom because YOUR IMAGINATION SUCKS IF ALL YOU CAN IMAGINE IS WHITE PEOPLE.

Literally everyone DESERVES better than that, and literally everyone can DO better than that.