i don’t give a flying fuck if a cop is gay or if they drive a rainbow colored police car, state sanctioned violence is still state sanctioned violence for fucks sake

also fuck that video of that group of cops doing like a funny dance all together and they are using segways and their swat team to dance around with and shit like did I pay taxes for you to goof off and have a swell ole time instead of adhering to the law and protecting the citizens of this country? I guess so??
someone link that video it’s so embarrassing

okay, i have had a lot of run its with a lot of power hungry, control freak cops. but they aren’t all terrible human beings. and to flip out over a few having a good time because of your taxes makes you sound kind of like an idiot. all y’all need to stop seeing huge groups of people as evil just because there are a lot of examples of individuals doing bad. because guess what, for every violent, shitty cop there is also a kind, caring cop who actually wants to protect people. quit becoming what you’re so tired of. quit demonizing and dehumanizing groups of people.

a cop once pulled my dad over, held a gun to his head, and called him a wetback with a deathwish over a “routine traffic violation” and like every fucking day people are abused by cops like that, and every week unarmed Black people, including children, are straight up fucking murdered by cops without any recourse, but you wanna let them all slide bc some of them are nice to your white ass???

@political rambles

Also you don’t get to tell people how to respond to their own oppression.


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