The Howze Clapback

There’s a writer on Medium named Thaddeus Howze who has give n a beautifully awesome takedown and clapback to the racist trolls that came for him after he write this article:

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On the Death of James Rhodes — War Machine

In his follow up essay, he takes down the whining manbabies of comic book fandom who came to him insisting he was a racist for calling out Marvel’s problems with killing off minority characters, so that white characters could experience some manpain. Basically this is the same problem comic books has had  with its female characters, fridging them for the trauma of the white male heroes.

Open Letter: Comic-reading trolls, we see you

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These essays can both be found at: You have to sign in to read them but its worth the minute or so that it takes to read anything Howze writes about comics.

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From the desk of Felis Silvestris Sinister, Esq.