Also, on another completely unrelated note, one gay character on a show will never be representation.

I don’t know who these shows think they’re fooling, but that doesn’t represent me or my experiences. Everyone knows that LGBT persons come in herds, what is this ‘solitary gay’ nonsense, are they lost, did they get separated from the pack, idk but until you fix that and give them five or six other LGBT persons to interact with I’m just going to be wondering what the fuck is up with that solitary gay’s GPS that they ended up in the middle of Straightville and decided you know what, this is comfortable, I’m just gonna stay right here.


You know something, this could probably be said about any group of marginalized people. There’s always that lone woman, or that lone black guy, or that lone Asian woman. They don’t ever seem to have any friends or family or anything. I don’t know about Asian people running in packs of two or more, but I do know black women do.