Tumblr Humor Again

*Im in need of some humor right now. These have been sitting on my dashboard since last week. Incidentally you can also visit my Tumblr page at:
and click on the “Likes” tab, to see all the things I (Heart)ed, for the past several weeks, including these gems:
Wilsontoyourhouse is a precious, cinnamon bun. I had the impression this is a WoC. I don’t often know who Wilson is talking to in her little asides, (including mintflavoredlotus)  but they are often hilarious. Whenever I need a moment of surreality, Wilson comes through:



mmmmyup still drowsy

bitch how u gon even steal my nap aesthetic tho

u mad corny 4 real :/

u the fakest of fakes with that nap aesthetic since I have been napping on and off all day. I STARTED THIS TREND HOE.



*I laughed at this waay longer than I should have. On the other hand, I’ve always hated Guy Gardner and loved seeing Batman get the best of him, (and yeah, I do remember all the times Batman punched Gardner in the face.)

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*Yes! I believe these numbers are quite correct.


*I couldn’t resist laughing at this one. I work at a library and am intimately familiar with the unexpected use of the Library Drop Box. One time I found twenty dollars, which I split with the custodian, and another time I found cockroaches. It all balances out, I guess. No pickles, tho’.

That Stephanie Meyer book drop tho’…


*Yeah…that’s how you “clapback”, White people.
ayungbiochemist: “beyonslayed: “imfatletsprty: “ukelaylie: “ ” when my POC and Latino friends invite me over for dinner ” I AM SCREAMING OMFG ” They finally learning to clapback!!! ”

*when my POC and Latino friends invite me over for dinner

They finally learning to clapback!!!



*Only on Tumblr can there be found some truly unique vampire speculative fiction. I would actually read this book. I laughed much too long over this story. Actually, I pictured the vampire as a black woman, who looks a lot like my auntie.

thedieabetic phoenixfire-thewizardgoddess








but what if a vampire drank the blood of someone who was anemic like would they be seriously grossed out

“what the fuck is this”

“i have anemia”

“can you take something for that you should probably take something for that this shit is nasty to drink let alone have running through your body i’m setting up a doctor’s appointment for you”

“dude really you don’t have to just leave what the fu—”

“you disgust me here take these iron supplements”

“where did you even get th—”

“shut up and take your pills and dont forget your vitamin D”

“i’m going to check up on you weekly to make sure you’re taking them”

“that’s not necessary”

“maybe we should work on a dietary plan with foods rich in iron and other things for you”

“do you get this involved with all of your meals”

did u get the cookbook i orderd 4 u

Oh my god, first of all stop using text speak, you told me you were 278, second how did you know where I LIVED, third yes I got it.

heard onions were good 4 blood, eat lots

So you can have a tasty meal? I guess you’d rather I stay away from garlic, huh.

UR being v rude I just got u a present!!!


#sounds like the begining of a beautiful friendship #gimme this sitcom


The Sun will go down eventually!

I love an overprotective vampire threatening their charge/food source with the line “the sun will go down eventually!”.


*Oh, did I mention I was a Brk99 fan?

b99daily tall-butt


this show has absolutely no chill #and I love it 



I’m not in the best of health at this moment but this is me giving my Strep throat bacteria the ” Oh now, you done fucked up!” face. I’ve got three days of antibiotics in me now, so we’ll wait and see who wins.


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