TORNADO FEAR THOUGH. is this just a midwest thing? because i am also super paranoid about not hearing the sirens and knowing exactly where i need to go. we live on the third floor and i asked the lady on the first floor if we could hide in her bathroom if there was a tornado and i swear she thought i was nuts. XP





I feel like there are two kinds of Midwesterners: those with The Fear and those who are somehow TOTALLY BLASE in the face of SPIRALING DEATH WINDS CARVING A CORRIDOR OF DESTRUCTION ACROSS THE COUTRYSIDE.  Somehow the latter seems more common than the former; I do not know why.


pictured: are you fucking kidding me oh my dear sweet baby jesus

And the subset of BLASE, the “I’m going to stand on the porch and watch the weather and yell back inside (to all the sensible people headed for the basement) all the details of how it’s progressively getting worse and, Wow, I’ve never seen the sky that green before and whooo, look at that tree that just went down!”  

Are you a hide in the basement Midwesterner or a sit on the porch Midwesterner?

I go to the lake during storms to watch them roll in. It’s fun actually & as long as you know when to head back it is totally okay. Your hair might freeze in winter though. 

I’m one of the  Midwesteners, who hides in the basement at just the thought there might be some tornado activity. I go hide if I feel like a thunderstorm is getting a bit too loud.