The last person you texted, the protagonist of the last TV show you watched, and your icon are now your companions during the zombie apocalypse







Are you gonna survive?

My dad, Charlie Sheen and a gigantic firebreathing monster woman

My husband, the girl from Underworld, and a chicken….

Natasha, Carrie Bradshaw, and myself. We are fucked.

@yourpitseleh Jon Snow/Dany/Sansa and Gemma.

I mean….I guess it could be worse?

Justine Larbalestier, Deadpool, & a carbon copy of myself (real face icons make this harder), I’m in. All I really need is Deadpool on my side. 

Yeah, I think so. Me, my best friend from work, Reese from Person of Interest and my icon is some black lady in medieval armor, so I’m sure she’s got skills. Imma live.


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