Forthcoming Attractions

I have been very lax in my postings lately because my body has decided to try to kill me by hosting various malignant germs. I currently have Strep throat and all that that entails, including a Scarlet Rash – on my face! I look lovely! I feel like I might pass it out at any random moment, couple that with hot flashes, and seasonal allergies, and I’m just one big old miserable bundle of joy!

Well, anyway, I’m trying to keep my spirits up by playing soothing games, and swimming around in Youtube. Honestly , you think you’re just gonna visit for a cat video, or two, and then ten hours later, you come up for air and wonder where your house is. Well, I did visit for a little while and saw some movies I maybe wanna take a look at. Some of them I definitely won’t be seeing, but maybe some of you folks would like to check them out and tell me how they are:

*Okay this is one I’m very excited about! The Girl with all the Gifts by M.R. Carey. I love the little girl in this trailer, and its a unique take on the zombie film, which reminds me a little bit of Children of Men. I hope this little girl wins some awards and becomes a star.


*I’m slightly less enthused by this newest jack Reacher film. The last one was okay, but not great. I feel the same about this trailer. Well, Tom needs  to do something between Mission Impossible movies, I guess.



*I like this new trailer much more than the first one. I loved the first book, but haven’t gotten around to reading the latest ones. Once again we get Samuel L Jackson playing some kind of villain, and I never get tired of seeing that, just as much as  Jackson enjoys playing them. This trailer made me smile, so maybe I’ll go see the movie with my niece.


*This trailer is a much better version. I’m still not going to see this movie, but Skarsgaard looks really good without a shirt, and Sam Jackson is in it, so maybe I’ll check out the DVD. Tarzan has always been a ridiculous premise, which seems to want to be remade with the newest hot guy, every ten years, for some reason. Margot Robbie is little more than a sexy floor lamp in this movie. I’ll be seeing her in Suicide Squad and don’t want to spoil my enjoyment of her performance in that movie, by watching this one.



*I’m not sure how I feel about this new televised Westworld. It looks mildly intriguing but maybe when some more trailers are released I’ll be impressed.



This movie reminds me of World War Z and once again is Samuel L Jackson intensive. The man is everywhere. You can’t avoid him.


*Oh, and for those of you who still love Hannibal and haven’t seen Reciprocity, yet:


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