State of the Union

Hey Readers,

I’m still watching television, just less of it. So far I’m enjoying Cleverman. I’m not reviewing it because its Summer and I’ll be swamped with new shows in the Fall. Summer is the time I can get some meta essays done, so currently I’m only reviewing Hannibal and Cleverman, and we’ve got the season finale of Penny Dreadful coming right up.

Yeah, I know I’ve been slacking off with the articles, but I promise I will get them out this year.

What posts, you ask.

Well I’m still working on my Hannibal rewatch, so there’s that, and stuck in my queue is a Red Dragon vs Hannibal  character essay, along with the next couple of episodes. Please feel free to harass me to get those out soon.

Also stuck in my queue, and something I actually am working on, is a deep analysis of the monster from It Follows. You’re gonna like it. Stay tuned.

I need to get something up about Killjoys coming back in July. I’m also going to make an effort to watch Dark Matter  and The Expanse when they come back to television. I hope they’re more compelling for me in their second season.

I’m also working on a character analysis for Tony Stark vs Steve Rogers, inspired by A Tale of Two Comics meta on Bucky Barnes, which I really enjoyed. She’s a brand new blogger, who now  has to keep up the high standards to which I’ve become accustomed, and now has tasked me to step up my game, lest she beat me in the Official Blogger Races. (Just like in Hollywood, There Can Be Only One! Lol!)

Yes, I’m still watching and reviewing Preacher, He never Died, and a post on my theories about  Woobification of Hannibal Lecter in Fandom.

So stick around.

Same Bat time. Same Bat channel.