Master Post of Calming Things








Things to make you feel better:

Make it feel like you are outside also turn on your volume

Talk you threw a stressful time

Automatic flatter 

Quick Distractions:

Draw Silk

Music Squares

jigsaw puzzles 


cookie clicker

Immediate Crisis Help

List of Hotlines – Crisis Hotlines by need

Befrienders – Find crisis hotline information for the country you live in

Suicide Hotlines – A list of crisis hotlines by country

International Rape Crisis Hotlines – A list of international crisis hotline directories

Lifeline Crisis Chat – Online chat help for people in a crisis

IMAlive – online crisis chat

Self Help


Self Harm Alternatives

Self-help Anxiety Management App

Get Help

Find Therapist

Find a Psychiatrist

How To Help Others



Eating Disorder   



Panic attacks


watch the ball

breath in and out with the box

((Reblogging here because some people in the community are having issues with anxiety or relapse. Take care everybody <3))

In association with the music boxes, may I add Madeon’s Adventure Machine. You don’t have to be a fan to have some fun with this thing.

I also have found great calming (oddly) from playing Sushi Cat and its sequels, available for free on Armor Games:

It’s free, very cute, has cute music and animations, and is oddly meditative.  Yes, I spent 3 hours on the bathroom floor playing it once during a very anxious family visit.

i think we all need this today

I agree

I always find rhythm games really relaxing. Theatrhythm, Symphonica and Voez are all have very different music styles.


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