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I’m sure most people are aware of the shootings that happened early this morning (around 2am) at Pulse in Orlando, Florida. As a queer person who not only lives in Orlando, but as someone who literally went to high school and grew up one block over from Pulse, I want to put out some super awesome resources for the internet to take advantage of! Please remember that last night was specifically Latin Night, so not only was this an anti-LGBTQIA+ act of violence, it was also an anti-latinx act of violence. I grew up in this area, and I visited Pulse multiple times, and it was most definitely a predominantly latinx/black club. This attack was carefully planned, I have no doubts about this.

  1. Want to donate, but not sure where to donate/where is reliable? 

    Pulse’s Facebook Page

    Zebra Coalition; a GREAT place that helps out LGBTQIA+ with all sorts of issues. They pointed me in a direction to help me financially when I was homeless.

    Orlando Youth Alliance; a nonprofit organization that is specifically geared towards the younger community but will help anyone in need.

    Support the victims/families of the shooting; [PLEASE BE WEARY OF FRAUDS!!! I WILL ONLY ADD IN LINKS THAT ARE LEGITIMATE!]
    This is a legitimate donation page and is set up by Ida V. Eskamani [her linkedin page is here], who works for Equality Florida, which is a nonprofit organization

    Here is another gofundme set up by The Center, Zebra Coalition, and other reliable LGBTQIA+ centers. This donation is legit!

  2. Need counseling? (mainly Orlando based)

    The Center; they are offering counseling for anyone in the area who may be suffering from any sort of stress/ptsd/etc. from this event. You can also call them at


    UCF; the university is offering counseling today (June 12th) between 12:00pm-5:00pm EST

  3. Want updates?
    [All of these sites have some sort of political bias and agenda unfortunately but I tried pulling together sites that are updating in real time on the topic]


    Twitter; the tags #pulsenightclub, #pulseshooting, and #pulsenightclubshooting are all trending, as is the term ‘Orlando

    Blood Banks at capacity; if you can donate blood, PLEASE DO! Right now there are so many volunteers that blood banks are asking people to return throughout the week.

    Orlando Radio Stations; I’ve heard from local friends that WTKS 104.1 is a good station to be listening to right now!

  4. Want to show support?
    [Here are some things I’ve seen pop up around the internet where people are offering support]

    List of vigils tonight (June 12th, 2016);

    Sikh Temples in Orlando are opening their doors for those seeking shelter;

    DONATE BLOOD! Here are some sites to make appointments;

    [I will try to update this throughout the day.
    Original post: 2:02pm EST
    Latest update: 4:37pm EST]