Tumblr Is Weird

*My Tumblr feed is often full of bizarre personal confessions from who knows who. Since people like to reblog things from others, I often have no idea where the the messages originated. I often have no idea who the person is talking to, and sometimes its complete mystery what they’re talking about, too.

People getting back at other mysterious people:

Winning isn’t everything, its just the only thing that matters.

At least when it comes to arguing with Adam.

PS I’m right and you’re wrong, the final verdict is nyah nyah.


Messages to their body parts:

Dear uterus,
I’m as thrilled as you are that I’m not pregnant but let’s chill the fuck out.



General work declarations, I’m guessing:

Sometimes my work is really really interesting.

Today was not one of those times.




People who really, really miss certain TV shows:

Update: it’s been 353 days since @nbchannibal was cancelled and I’m still fucking bitter




y’all I really just wanna hug my dad lmao


This would fall under general declarations:


I hate it when I’m really nice …. And then people are just not that nice ? The audacity


 I’m gonna take a wild guess, and say this person loves Hannibal:


i LOVE will graham!!!!!!!! i lOVE hannibal lecter!!!! i LOVE beverly katz!!! i LOVE alana bloom and margot verger and their baby!!!!! I LOVE JACK AND BELLA CRAWFORD AND FREDDIE LOUNDS AND BEDELIA DU MAURIER AND CHIYOH AND REBA MCCLANE AND FREDRICK CHILTON AND MIRIAM LASS!!!!!! aBigail hoBBs!!!!!!! but i fucking hate mason verger


Certain people can’t be tolerated:


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