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There have been a number of posts on Tumblr critiquing Civil War. I loved the movie but I fee like these are also very valid critiques depending on the lens through which the movie is viewed.

Something a lot of people didn’t catch in this movie was Sam’s reliving of the trauma that resulted in him  meeting Steve, in the first place. The fandom so frequently focuses on the manpain of all the white male  characters, that they often forget, there’s enough trauma to pass around to all of the characters. I have yet to see any major metas written about what happened to T’Challa, Rhodey, and Sam, or character breakdowns for Nick Fury (although I have read a few posts vilifying Nick for various imaginary sins.) I find the trauma of these characters just as compelling as Tony’s,Steve’s, or Bucky’s traumas, but no one talks about those.

It’s telling that the first thing Sam says to Tony, after what happened, is to ask about Rhodey’s welfare. It gives you some idea of where his mind is at for the latter half of the movie. Notice in the prison scene, that Sam is noticeably quieter than usual, and is one of the few people who doesn’t snark at Tony, when he comes to see them. Once again, he watched a colleague, possibly a friend, shot down in front of him and couldn’t do anything but watch. There are definitely some feels happening there.

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“How’s Rhodes?”

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This is one of the few metas I could find about Nick Fury:

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Can we stop minimizing the physical trauma inflicted on Nick Fury in Cap 2, please?

“He trusted someone to cut him open and fake his death”

Yeah. Okay it’s not like he took several bullets through his chest or anything and would actually REQUIRE THAT SURGERY ANYWAY.

How fucking dense are you?

HE WAS LITERALLY IN A HORRIFIC CAR CRASH AND THEN SHOT IN THE CHEST. Like did they not hear the list of his injuries in the secret hospital he needed some pretty serious medical attention he could have died (and not just from taking heart stopping serum when already injured I imagine there was a chance he wouldn’t wake up from that too). Like that wasn’t faked?? It’s very likely that the surgery was real too and saved his life they just administered the serum towards the end so he could fake his death. But people need to realize it very nearly wasn’t fake.

Like I mean, even going off of Maria’s reactions… she’s like bracing herself for him not waking up and what she’d going to have to do after that.

I am so sick of people minimizing this shit. This man damn near died and still got up and saved the damn world from Hydra. Fuck the haters, Nick Fury is better than your weak ass faves.

Yeah exactly Maria knew about the serum and the plan but was clearly still very upset! It’s not like he was totally fine and faking it or something she knew he wasn’t out of the woods yet and he may very well still die either from the serum or his injuries and she was concerned for him and what would happen if he died.

I really hate how people can write these long metas about all the traumas Steve or Tony or Loki or whoever have gone through, whether real or assumed, and dissect their every tiny interaction, and yet these same people ignore the depth of equally amazing characters like Rhodey, or Nick Fury, or Sam Wilson. Nick Fury is not your scapegoat for when you don’t have anyone else to blame for what your faves are going through, and Sam and Rhodey aren’t there to be the quirky sidekicks of Steve and Tony.

You’ve got it in one! We are expected to be incredibly sympathetic to these white dudes pain but ignore or minimize it when it happens to to Black men. Like Sam’s loss of Riley and likely PTSD is totally ignored in favor of him being the supportive sidekick and people are minimizing the hell Nick went through in Cap 2 and then got up and fought after while making 5000 posts about Steve or Tony or Bucky’s pain.

#Or they act like he doesn’t care about Phil or Tony in Avengers bc his pain and loss don’t matter (via @queerlaurabarton )

And there it is. His pain and emotional arc don’t matter to fandom, therefore his relationships and connections to other people are easier to write off and ignore.

Can you even imagine what this fandom would do if some white dude “moved heaven and earth” to bring Phil back to life? It’d be a love fest! But here we are. Canon proof of what Phil means to Nick and nobody says shit.

Because Nick Fury’s pain and feelings do not matter.

(obviously this goes for Sam and Rhodey and Mack and Trip (his death is fodder for Skye and the white kids, his feelings on anything are never dealt with) and I’m sure we’ll throw T’Challa on that list too eventually.)

Can I just ask why Tumblr has to be such a terrible place like this? Like don’t get me wrong there are some great things and great people on Tumblr but what people like you do is shit on a Fandom constantly for anything you can muster. Like just stop. Don’t get me wrong I understand that Sam, Rodney and Nick are all important with a lot of back story and lore but keep in mind that they have only been *SUPPORTING* characters so far (minus Nick Fury with CA:WS if you wish to argue that). If you look at something like Jessica Jones of the MCU you have Luke Cage who get tremendous amounts of story and you learn a lot about his pain and struggles but he was also a major role in the show. So please people just stop with the bullshit..

I can’t exactly parse out what you mean by this. I brought up the fact that fandom is shit about Nick’s injuries and pain and you…

I don’t know what you want. You want me to talk about Luke and his pain? Okay I’m all for that conversation. On a post about LUKE instead of pushing Nick’s pain aside for someone else’s.

If you want me to stop talking about my favorite character and how fandom shits all over him… too fucking bad. Don’t like it? Call out the racists in your fucking perfect fandom.

Want receipts on the racist actions in your fandom? OKAY! Here’s some. And more. And there’s one for Sam Wilson too out there somewhere.

So when YOU people stop being racist fucking garbage, I’ll shut up.

They want you to stop talking about Sam and Nick and “Rodney” (which is hard bc he doesn’t exist) because they’re side characters and don’t DESERVE to have their pain explored and we should focus on “main” characters like Luke- a brand new character who still does not have his own show/movie out yet and who wasn’t mentioned in this post. They’re just derailing and making excuses because talking about the toxic bahvior in fandom is clearly the problem not the actual bad behavior. Maybe if they’d bothered to pay attention long enough to learn Rhodey’s name they’d be able to care about his pain.

I just want to scream and tug all my hair out over spaetz’s comment. Like, LOTS of people are side characters in the MCU.

Howard Stark? Side character in three different circles: Captain America (thanks to CATFA), Agent Carter, and the Iron Man movies. There is more written about his involvement with S.H.I.E.L.D. than about Nick’s and he’s more likely to be featured in meta posts and prompts on the kinkmemes, too.

Phil Coulson? Side character up until #CoulsonLives, then he gets his own fucking show to stare in.

Clint Barton? Side character they randomly threw a half-assed backstory to in AoU (in Avengers, he literally exists just to motivate Natasha). He still has way more fucking fic and meta and fandom support than the three black guys that got mentioned combined.


Wow, I wonder what these side characters have in common that Nick Fury doesn’t have…  *stares into the camera like this is the Office*

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*I was one of the people who had some serious issues with how Tony manipulated Peter Parker, a child, into joining a battle he had absolutely nothing at all to do with, and when Peter got injured, Tony cut him loose. I like how that last commentary ties this into Tony’s overall character arc.






While we’re on the topic of Civil War having weird narratives: Peter Parker’s speech about being a Superhero completely aligns with Steve’s worldview, not Tony’s… yet Marvel had Spidey side with Tony. It makes his storyline a little muddled, because while the narrative objectively connects Peter to Tony through their heart-to-heart conversation, Marvel wrote Peter as being very similar to Steve. With the characterization they gave us, there’s no way Peter would have joined Tony’s side if he knew anything about the fight.

Peter says to Tony ”If you can do the things that I can, but you don’t, and then bad things happen… they happen because of you” .

Which is the same philosophy that Steve has, and says to Tony twice in this movie: first when discussing the Accords – “What if there’s somewhere we need to go, but [the UN] won’t let us?” – and then later, in a more personal tone: “If I see a situation pointed South, I can’t ignore it”.

Both Steve and Peter believe their powers almost obligate them to help people whenever they can, because they can. Taking that choice to help out of their hands doesn’t make them any less responsible for what occurs – it just shifts the blame. Which is why Steve won’t sign the Accords, and Peter helps people even though he’s just a kid who’d prefer to play football. They want to help, they can help… so they do. It’s that simple honesty and true belief that really defines Captain America, and we see it here in Peter, too.

Tony accepts Peter’s answer even while realizing that it’s Steve’s argument (which is weird, since he fought with Steve on the same statement only hours before), and replies “So you want to look out for the little guy, do your part, make the world a better place?”. Peter agrees and reiterates that the ‘little guy’ is his reason for being a superhero.

Which is interesting, because Steve has always been the little guy from Brooklyn who just wanted to help make the world a better place. Steve and Bucky are the underdog in this fight… not Tony and the government. This aligns Peter with Steve even more, but Marvel still tries to connect him to Tony over their intelligence and shared love of technology.

Tony gets Peter to fight for his side using Steve’s ideology. And Marvel doesn’t really acknowledge the irony in that. It’s especially unsettling when Peter parrots back what Tony said about Steve, not realizing it’s actually Tony’s problem in the film: “You’re wrong, but you think you’re right. That makes you dangerous”.

Give me a moment – I’d like to rewrite Tony’s speech to Peter and give it the same meaning in different words:

“Your work could be a gift to mankind. You could shape the century. Without you, we’ll fail, and the Avengers can’t give the world the freedom it deserves.”

Sorry, Marvel; from where I’m standing, Iron Man has officially become a bad guy.

I also liked how Peter told Cap that Tony “said you’d say that, and you’d be wrong”.  The way Tony handled the situation with Peter was just wrong on so many levels and illustrates why *Tony* is the one who needs oversight.  Because Tony is a man who does not seem to learn from his mistakes.

In AoU he builds a killer robot(it’s purpose is to protect in place of the Avengers, don’t tell me it wasn’t programmed to kill), so not only is he in the weapons business again but when it goes wrong he takes the fleshy robot downloaded with Ultron’s consciousness and adds some Jarvis and a magic space rock that has the power to enslave and by the grace of God or I don’t know what he manages to Forrest Gump(thank you “The Mexican”) his way out of an even worse disaster.

In Civil War he’s confronted by the mother of a young man who died in the Sokovian disaster.  Laying aside how offensive it is that it has to be an American to die before Tony(and we the audience in the US of A?) has it really hit home the kind of massive collateral damage his invention caused and resolves that everyone(kthxTony, we all knew about the killer robot and fully supported building it to make us obsolete) has to do better.  As soon as things aren’t going his way he brings in a young man without the consent or knowledge of his guardian to be his ace in the hole in another potentially fatal confrontation.

I love RDJ, I enjoy Tony at times even if he lashes out and I would never be able to work around someone who has so little respect for anyone’s boundaries but his own.  This makes it very difficult for me to trust Tony as a character to do the right thing.  I think he wants to, and means to but he’s not learning and when he doesn’t get it right things go horribly wrong and others suffer for his hubris.

He wants to and means to, yes. But Tony Stark is a concrete example of how the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

See, this is why I think they did a pretty brilliant job with the conflict: because the more you disagree with Tony, the more you start feeling like there need to be oversights and restraints for Tony. I completely agree with him that he needs to be kept in check! And I can’t just turn around and say “well, #notallsuperheroes” because they all have the potential to go off. Tony’s just the one who’s most likely.

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*This is a perfect example of how NOT examining the media we consume, leads to reproducing various tropes and stereotypes when we decide to create our own media. I’m reasonably certain the first commentor meant well, but intention is not magic, and doesn’t erase the microaggressions that occur when stereotypes are reiterated, within the fandom, from unexamined biases.
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if black panther can have a vibranium suit can he help a homie out and make some vibranium suits for the non-super vigilantes like remember pre-suit daredevil just running around in a black shirt like that’s black widow right now in her lowcut spandex like help a homie out

…And what do you imagine these white heroes doing for their friend T’Challa??


He’s just supposed to outfit these white outsiders because?…

Why not ask Tony to outfit these non-super vigilantes since, #1 he’s actually in the same country and #2 doesn’t have some rare metal that white people would love to take the entirety of from his people.

“Help a homie out”….

When were these people ever considered his “homies” as you referred to them?

Why don’t they melt down Cap’s shield seeing as it’s already stolen vibranium in the first place??

Why is T’Challa suppose to pick up these white people’s slack???? If BW’s ass wants to run around half naked in tight ass spandex showing off all her cleavage let her.

Why are white fans so EAGER to make Each New Black Char. their white faves’ helpmate???? What kind of Uncle Remus & Mammy complex????

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*Okay, in the movies they decided to hurt Rhodey to focus on Tony’s manpain, (which I disliked, but not enough to hate the movie), but in the books, the writers decided to kill him.
I also don’t like how Tony was perfectly willing to throw his philosophy out the window, in a moment, to express his manpain over Rhodey. He went into the Accords, and this fight, over the death of a black kid he didn’t even know , and it shows how undisciplined he is, as a person, that the first time one of his friends gets hurt, in a fight he started, he’s willing to hurt another black man, whose not at fault for his pain.When he hurt Sam for what happened to Rhodey, I think that was the first time I ever truly hated Tony.
As far as the death of War Machine, I just can’t help but think that the mainstream media is just being deliberately obtuse, and/or thumbing their noses at fandom when they do shit like this. They have to know they are simply reproducing years of tropes and stereotypes when they do these things, they just don’t actually have a fuck to give, I’m guessing, because they were told, and they discussed it, and decided to do it anyway. Black pain and death seem to be the motivation behind much of the plot.
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Stop killing off characters of color to give white characters something to feel


In case you haven’t been paying attention to the comics, Marvel’s in the midst of yet another crossover event: Civil War II, a massive battle between the world’s heroes over whether or not it’s appropriate to seek justice against supervillains before they commit crimes.

In Comic book, James Rhodes (codename War Machine), one of Marvel’s most high-profile black superheroes, died during a preemptive fight against a planetary threat that the Avengers intended to prevent before it actually began.

Some fans are calling Marvel out for inadvertently playing into a larger conversation about the ways in which characters of color are used and abused to give white characters something to feel.

Brian Michael Bendis, Civil War II‘s author, made the decision to kill Rhodes because his death would have the strongest emotional impact on Captain Marvel and Iron Man.

Tom Brevoort, Marvel’s executive editor echoed the idea to Newsarama, acknowledging that there were pointed internal discussions about the decision to kill a prominent black character during Marvel’s recent staff retreat.

“It seems like it’s always the black hero who dies in these kind of stories,” Brevoort said. “But at least in this instance I feel like we stand on decent ground saying if there had to be a death, it should be Rhodey because of his relationship with the characters, not because of the color of his skin or his lack of prominence in the Marvel Universe.”

There is a logic at work that justifies Rhodes’ death.

The problem, though, is that that logic is sort of racist.

Rhodes doesn’t die in the movie, but he does end up paralyzed from the waist down. Here, too, his suffering becomes an opportunity for Stark to express how he feels.

Black pain and death are important when they give white people something to care about — not because those stories are worth telling on their own merit.


They kill Black characters to give White characters an opportunity to cut a wide swath.

Source: the-real-eye-to-see this happens all the fucking timeand the fucking time the white writers act like they had no other choice.
These next few are all about Bucky Barnes. Bucky is no less fascinating a character, for me, than any of the other characters.

Anonymous asked:

your opinion on Bucky Barnes

So disclaimer, all I know of Bucky is what I know from the movies. That being said, he’s the main reason I love Winter Soldier so much.


Obviously he’s ridiculously gorgeous looking (making Winter Soldier a perfect trifecta of gorgeous men with him and Anthony Mackie and Chris Evans)


But more than there looks or the acting (the shift in features and the breathing during the revelation scene at the end of CATWS is incredible), I also think what draws me to Bucky is his complexity because he’s not the traditional villain with a tragic past (which I have my own opinions on of how they’re treated by factions of the fandom). What he did–his gruesome deeds–we’re done because HYDRA was quite literally pulling the strings. Given how easily they tossed him into the memory wipe procedure leads me to believe that it was a common thing–the goodness in Bucky trying to rise up and fight against the monster they we’re trying to make him into. And his relationship with Steve is the rope which helps pull him out (at least partially)–showing the importance of human connection in a way that’s a sharp contrast to the values pushed in Avengers. There it was about teamwork, it’s takes a village, we all band together, etc. Here it’s quieter and simpler–it’s one person …. one person reaching out, refusing to give up on us … that bond of unconditional love which even when you feel your most damaged is still there. It’s also a demonstration, in the most effective way, of a villain whose not entirely a villain. The age old saying “things are more than they appear to be” demonstrated in one perfectly executed character.

So take that, Tony. Leave Bucky alone and actually try to understand instead of immediately condemning him.

Ask box is open so  … ask me anything…

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Bucky Barnes: The Commodity, The Emasculated, The Subaltern

Below is the paper I wrote for my Intro to Literary and Cultural Theory class about my favorite character, Bucky Barnes. It is a meta of sorts, using three different theories to discuss the natural of his being and the forces that shaped the WWII hero into the formidable threat, The Winter Soldier. The theories that I have used are: Marxism, Feminism, and Post Colonial theory. Please enjoy!

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes is a well known character in both the Marvel Comic Universe as well as in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, mainly for his role as the great Captain America’s sidekick and as a rejection to the 1940’s rise of Hitler youth. Regardless of which universe Bucky Barnes is occupying, his tragic death and subsequent reincarnation remains the same: becoming the fabled assassin known as the Winter Soldier. While the Winter Soldier arch is indeed an in depth and continuous storyline that has been developing since 2005 in the comic universe, the character arch has just begun in the movies. Because of this infancy and subtle deviation from the original comic story line, the critically acclaimed movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, offers a new look at the character of Bucky Barnes and his more antagonistic alias, the Winter Soldier. The hegemony depicts Barnes and his alias to be the main villain working against the patriotic hero and his gang of superheroes in the film however, this is not true. In fact through the lens of Marxism, feminism, and postcolonial theory, it can be said that Bucky Barnes as the Winter Soldier is the victim rather than the villain due to his commodification, emasculation, and colonized self at the hands of Hydra, thus causing him to become a subaltern figure throughout the film.

Keep reading

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Bucky Barnes, and that Siberian flashback

I’ve seen Captain America Civil War a couple of times now, and one of the things I keep thinking about is that flashback when Bucky tells Steve that he’s not the only winter soldier.

In The First Avenger, Erskine tells Steve that the serum amplifies whatever is there already, “good becomes great, bad becomes worse,” etc.

When watching The Winter Soldier, I often thought of that in the context of Bucky Barnes and what that might mean for him. They brainwashed him, so it’s pretty clear they had to excise all of Bucky Barnes in order to create The Winter Soldier.  But that serum though – they couldn’t remove his true nature, they could only manipulate him.

In Civil War, we have that flashback to the Siberian base where Hydra (or the USSR? I’m unclear about that) injects the serum into this elite kill squad or whatever, the worst of the worse (the best of the best?), however Bucky puts it – every one of these new assassins had high kill rates without the serum. But the serum amplifies their already violent nature and they become uncontrollable.

Honestly, I get shivers watching that scene, where after the Winter Soldier spars with that one guy, everyone is pleased that he bested Bucky, but a switch goes off in the guy’s head and the next think you know you’re in the middle of a bloodbath. But what gets me is Karpov hiding behind Bucky, who protects him.  “Soldier, get me out of here.” And Bucky gets him out of there. He’s conditioned to follow orders, that’s true, but there’s something about that scene that sticks out as Bucky being a lot more self aware than is implied. He could have let Karpov get killed.

Sam asks Bucky if these other winter soldiers are like him and he says they’re worse.

It’s one of those things. There’s a fannish notion that Bucky has more of a dark streak in him, you know, doing the dirty stuff in WW2, keeping Steve Roger’s hands clean, which I’ve always kind of rejected because whose hands can be kept clean in war? Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes are framed as being two sides of the same coin, literally growing up together, and then having similar fates – one light, one dark. But I don’t think the serum lies. Of course as fans we all know Bucky is a good man, I think in some ways he’s probably a better man than Steve – he kind of has to be to overcome something so tragically horrible as what he’s endured. And I think Steve knows this.

They couldn’t have had Captain America without Steve Rogers, and they couldn’t have had The Winter Soldier without Bucky Barnes. I wonder sometimes if the serum had been given to Hodkins (or whatever his name was) what would have happened? Unmanageable. BUT, haha, Steve isn’t that manageable either.

I also think about this in terms of Bruce Banner. The Hulk is a tough beast to carry around inside you, but look what happened to Blonsky.

The true nature of the man is what comes forward. It’s not really anything new that we learn about Bucky but I do keep thinking about that flashback.

*As I always say, please visit the highlighted blogs and show your love for all the hard thinking these people put into their posts. They’re all doing this for love, remember?


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