i hate the term ‘politically correct’. i hate that encouraging human compassion, empathy, and basic decency as a society-wide expectation has been reduced to simple ‘political correctness’, like it’s a chore to be undertaken, like not being a bigot is such an inconvenience. no offence, but fuck anyone that uses that term unironically, especially those who criticise it. truly, fuck you

more importantly, i hate the ‘politically’ element of it – i hate that every gesture towards material justice in reality is dismissed as Politics, as insincerity, a performance. as if people are only seeking approval from their peers rather than an actual change in the circumstances that oppressed people in the world find themselves in. it’s such cowardice and it’s utterly transparent

It is the language of the psychopath. Psychopaths lack empathy and don’t think it’s a real thing, so when other people display empathy towards other people they think those people are faking caring about others. 

And sometimes people just use the term PC as an excuse for their own apathy and laziness.