[stressedmcufan] Look, I love BW. She’s one of my favorite characters in the MCU. But when half of her fandom gets blinded by rage and want a black female character to be brutalized by her, this is where I draw the line. BW would never do that to the woman for doing her job. Black characters are not safe in this fandom. T’Challa is reduced to a kitty prince and is always centered to protect everyone’s white faves, Rhodey is MIA everytime and Nick Fury is reduced to a swearing stereotype.


I’m totally with you I love BW too but I can’t stand stand her fandom wanting BW to hurt a black woman who like you said is only doing her job because she’s part of the Dora Milaje.  And I agree that Black Widow wouldn’t hurt someone just doing their job.  Sadly black characters are not safe in this fandom 😦   Not to mention Sam is made into everyone’s therapist and tasked with being the Avengers nanny in fandom. 

mod m

Hiding their racism, and desire to hurt Black women, behind BW.


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