so i was reading a fic and t’challa started volunteering wakanda as a safe haven for the avengers while they’re on the run from tony trying to hunt them down with the help of the government and i’m just so uncomfortable, like i can’t even find something clever to say, i just feel disrespected and uncomfortable, t’challa doesn’t exist to save all these white people, he is a grown man literally running a country and he’s grieving for his father, he is not the avengers’ baby sitter and walking atm and i’m just disgusted at how he’s being treated in this fandom like how can y’all not see how that’s wrong? why do you only envision black people as either saviors for your faves or villains? why are we, even in fiction, only relevant and interesting when we can service you? why can’t you see how harmful that is?

They are reproducing the white supremacist narrative they’ve been taught their whole lives: that PoC have no worth, if it’s not in service to white people needs.