Yeah, there are some things being discussed on Tumblr and Twitter that I know ain’t got nothin’ to do with me. My reaction is just sit back and watch it, monitor it so that doesn’t result in thrown objects, bloodshed, or land nukes, and occasionally laugh my ass off.

This is pretty much my basic reaction to a lot of the twenty year old, girly hysteria going on there:


Also, I know there are  people have the sitch  well in hand, so I don’t need to add my two cents. Part of being online, is knowing when to stay the fuck out of “other people’s bidness”.

One of the major discussions going on on Tumblr, and almost no where else I’ve looked, is that shit about what Hayley Atwell said about the new Captain America movie, and the huge backlash against the actress who played Sharon Carter in the Civil War film..

Yeah, this is definitely one of those things that “Ain’t my problem!”


Emily Vancamp has been booed on the red carpet, sent death threats, had to defend her character in almost every interview she’s done promoting civil war, can’t go on Twitter without getting asked “would it have made a difference if you weren’t in the movie” every minute and “is your character ever going to have a role in the future films aside from killing Stucky” every second. But she has never said anything anti- Stucky or anti- Steggy even though it is well within her means considering how her character is more important in the comics than Bucky and Peggy combined. If she can be respectful through all that shit, then what is Holt Airplane’s excuse?

*I’m also staying out of the GiveCapABoyfriend tags. That whole thing is just a muddled mess of intentions.

*Yeah, that whole Hydra/Cap thing. Not my problem! Don’t get me wrong, I love Captain America…from the MCU. I’ve never read a single Captain America comic book. I only know his backstory from reading The Avengers, so I have no opinion on his  lifestyle choices. I see why people are mad about it, but this is a fight I’m noping the Hell out of. I don’t love Cap that much.

#okay but this actually makes me really sad #with the whole hydra cap thing #imagine playing a character that you really look up to and admire #really getting inside the character’s head #and aspiring to be like them #then being told that everything you thought you knew about the character was a lie #and then having people associate you with the character #that went from hero to villain #and fearing the possibility of having to portray the character this way on screen #it’s devastating
say no to hydra cap Captain america steve rogers marvel Marvel Comics chris evansmcu cap saynotohydracap
*I’m not a worshiper of celebrities anyway, but one thing I don’t do is ship real life people. I stay the fuck out of that fandom. I don’t even get the appeal. I don’t ship real life people I know, so why would I ship strangers, and then mine their every behavior for signs that it’s canon? That’s just too squicky for me.

tbh it makes me really uncomfortable when fans ship real life people with each other in a completely serious way, like I understand when it’s a joke because “lol they’d be so cute together they’re in love ha ha ha” can be fun, but when people are legitimately coming up with theories about how married people are totally having an affair and each little glance and touch they share completely proves that they’re in love with each other it’s like??? hmmmm???? no thanks save that for the fiction pls


The PacRim fandom is already chanting for no romance in 2, but wait till they see whiteguy Jaeger Tech #3 and whiteguy cafeteria server in a 2 second shot together.







This Tea Is Delicious

Yeah, there are some things being discussed on Tumblr and Twitter that I know ain’t got nothin’ to do with me.


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