with all due respect, I found “Google is free, my time is not” a little unnecessarily rude? idk I don’t wanna be rude either, by saying something about it bc you’re right, they could have googled it. but simply telling the person what they should look up on google or politely suggesting they try google first and then ask for clarification from you if needed is just nicer? idk what I see is someone trying to educate themselves only to be talked down to, and Idk that it was handled right..?


I really want you to stop and ask yourself why you sent this to me and who and what you think you’re helping or protecting with this. Because this reeks of tone policing to protect white privilege. 

Additionally, you seem to be laboring under the delusion that my purpose here is to be “nice” and that you get to be the arbiter of how I blog and respond to asks and then issue notes on whether I handled something “right” (which seems to mean handling ignorant white anons asking about manifestations of racism they can easily Google with kid gloves and spending my precious time educating them when they have a plethora of tools available to educate themselves).

What you see and what I see are completely different things. I’d already answered multiple anonymous asks about the very same thing and told those folks to use Google as well. There’s a handy dandy search bar on my blog that someone could’ve used and typed in “fuck your paper bag” and TA DA the original announcement post of Dark Skin Appreciation Day would’ve shown up. Or just put the tag in the Tumblr search bar ffs.  

They weren’t attempting to “educate themselves,” they were asking me to educate them. I am not an educational conduit. I’m a person.

I’m tired of white people treating me and other Black folks like unpaid teachers who are and should always be at their beck and call when they decide they have questions about race and racism. Basic questions. Questions that I learned the answer to at a young age because I had to live through the racism and couldn’t be ignorant of these realities if I wanted to survive. That white people get to be out here unaware of the paper bag test makes me as livid as the time a white boy from Alabama at my law school watched a video about the violence and murder white people resorted to in order to prevent integration of southern schools and was completely oblivious and actually shrugged and said, “I just thought the transition was…smoother.” 

So, I’m no longer inclined to be a part of the structure of white privilege that allows and encourages white people to remain ignorant of the ways in which they have and continue to oppress PoC, but requires that on the off chance a white person sees PoC doing and saying things white folks don’t understand/know precisely because of their white privilege, that PoC have to drop whatever they’re doing and hold that white person’s hand and politely and nicely explain the racism PoC have been forced to endure and white people allowed to ignore and golly gee PoC better coddle their privileged fragility and be sure to explain it in a way that doesn’t make the white person feel anything close to a negative emotion or else the white tone police will swoop in because how dare you talk to a white person like that you uppity negro. 

I’m not here to tap dance for you.

Teachers get paid. Black labor is no longer free. If you want me to expend intellectual and emotional labor to teach you something you can easily teach yourself, you can pay me. My PayPal link will be up soon. Your current bill is $65. 

But here’s a free note: you’re the one who didn’t handle this right. Your ask should simply read, “with all due respect, you’re right, they could have googled it.” 

Black people have taken the AP class on race ,while white people haven’t even finished the remedial, and wanna take the AP test.