Was wondering why all these animal rights activists had been spewing so much judgement and hatred at the mother whose child fell into the gorilla pen. Just learned she and the child are Black – so that explains the bit of extra fervor these activists are showing.. in my few minutes of roaming the tag i saw somebody jokingly suggest they should have shot the little boy instead. Somehow his dad’s criminal record is now being brought up in investigative articles. Dontcha just love being Black in America 🙃 what would life be without the constant reminder of how hated we are!!!

To me it felt like the people who were saying such things weren’t even animal activists. Like as an animal activist myself I felt annoyed bc suddenly these random people who never cared about animals once were talking about how wrong it was of them to shoot the gorilla and the animal activists/vegans ik were all saying the problem isn’t a careless mother but the whole concept of a zoo. I felt as though a lot of racists were using ‘animal activism’ as an excuse.

They were!